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10 Must-Have Preschool Speech Therapy Resources

Preschool speech therapy is so fun because it can include a huge variety of different activities- fine motor, gross motor, play based activities and so much more! Not to mention preschoolers are the CUTEST!

But, when you are a new graduate - or a new to Preschool SLP - it can be overwhelming knowing what you need vs. what you want.

I am a true believer that less is more! I have bought LOADS of resources and materials that I have never used.

Today, I am sharing my favorite resources that I consider to be "must haves" for any preschool SLP because:

  • They can be used in every session.

  • They can be used with most kids on your caseload.

  • They can be used to target or support a HUGE variety of speech and language goals.

  • They will simply your life.

I have been VERY selective and truly wanted to give you something that is feasible to put together quickly and without breaking the bank (you can snag ALL these resources for a HUGE savings total in this MONEY SAVING BUNDLE!)

For your convenience, I have sorted them into four categories: visual supports, assessment resources, printable resources, and toys/games.



I created the Visual Schedule for Speech Therapy to be PERFECT for speech therapy! It includes all the 'hard to find' icons, like pop up games, interactive books, and oral mechanism exam. It includes over 140 icons and can be printed three different sizes to fit your specific needs. Grab yours here.