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20 Movement Books for Speech Therapy

Using books that invite movement with preschool students is a fun and playful way to incorporate a variety of speech and language goals.

When the movement is incorporated into the story, you allow the child to DO rather than be told what to do. The instructions are inherent in the text, making it a very meaningful and motivating activity for the child!

Some books are better than others for getting kids moving in therapy sessions. I have complied by TOP 20 list!

  • Seasonal Repetitive Gross Motor Books by Anna Dalziel

  • Shake a Leg by Constance Allen - watch it on Youtube here.

  • Dance by Matthew Van Fleet - watch it on YouTube here

  • We're going on a Bear Hunt by Micheal Rosen & Helen Oxenbury - watch it on YouTube here,

  • Dancing Feet by Lindsey Craig and Marc Brown - watch it on YouTube here

Did you find any to add to your list? Let me know!


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