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4 Fun Ways to Use Binoculars during Speech Therapy

Binoculars are a fun, easy, and cheap prop that you can use during your preschool speech therapy sessions! Adding a simple prop can take an activity to the ‘next level’ and add some variety to activities that you use all the time! Don’t own binoculars? You can make your own using paper rolls, stickers, tape, and string.

I am going to share four fun activities that you can use binoculars in your speech therapy sessions!

  1. Treasure Hunt: Use the binoculars to search for items in the room that have the child’s speech sound. You can lay out articulation cards, if you wish! Alternatively, you can hide an item in the room and search for it. This is also a great way to work on carrier phrases, such as, “I see”.

  2. Books: Use binoculars to look at stories together and talk about items that you find. This is an easy way to work on verbs, vocabulary, speech sounds, and pronouns!

  3. Jungle Safari: Lay out animals around the room (pictures, toys, or stuffed animals). Search for each animal using the binoculars. This is a great way to target the ‘l’ sound (‘look’, ‘like’), verb tenses, (we are looking/we looked), describing (talk about each animal when you spot it), and spatial concepts (talk about where each animal is).

  4. I Spy: Use the binoculars to find something in the room and describe it. This is a great way to work on expressive language goals, particularly vocabulary goals!

I hope you enjoy these fun and easy ways to use binoculars in your therapy sessions!

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