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5 Fun Play-Based Ideas for Preschool Speech Teletherapy

As a play-based speech therapist, moving to Teletherapy overnight really stressed me out. A lot.

All I could think was, “How the heck am I going to provide playful learning opportunities to my students through a screen?”.

I would be lying if I said EVERY activity is compatible with teletherapy. I tried a lot of different activities and these are my top five play-based activities for teletherapy.

1) Hiding mini objects. Kids LOVE the element of surprise. You can hide everyday objects, mini erasers, or mini objects. Hide the objects in fillable eggs, under cups, behind toys. This is a great way to work on concepts, requesting, and describing.

2) Having the child have the same toy as you. Choose a toy that both you and the child have (playdough, cars, figurines). Mirror each other's actions and words through the screen. You can model action words, using the strategy 'add one' (word or play-action). I really like this because it allows parents to see how they can use something they own to help their child!

3) Asking the child to tell you how to make something. You can use Lego, Magformers, Mr. Potato Head, Duplo, or blocks. I actually preferred this activity via teletherapy than in-person because the child can't touch the materials! This means they really need to focus on using precise language, including spatial and temporal concepts.

4) Make a recipe using pretend food: This was such a hit in my therapy sessions! Brainstorm a recipe together to work on sequencing. Then, have the child tell you which food to cut, put in the pot, and cook. This activity was great for targeting vocabulary and verb tenses.

5) I loved using my Play-Based Boom Cards during teletherapy. Each theme features 'warm-up' play activities for the child and then open-ended scenes with different play ideas. There are 10 themes, so I was able to use at least one of them during each of my sessions. These are some of the best sellers in my store!

On June 14, Kristen said: "This resource is FANTASTIC. I have missed incorporating play into my sessions since I've been doing telehealth and this bundle has captured a HUGE variety of patients (ages, diagnoses, etc.). It can be used in so many ways and honestly, my patients haven't gotten tired of it. Thank you to Anna for spending time to make this tool versatile. Once we go back to in-person therapy, I know I will continue to use this great resource."

For a closer look, click here!

These are my TOP FIVE. Do you have an awesome play-based teletherapy idea? Let me know!

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