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6 Must Have Speech Therapy Resources for New Preschool SLPs

Preschool Speech therapy is SO much fun... but it can also be so overwhelming when you become a CF SLP.

If you’re anything like I was when I graduated, you feel overwhelmed with the idea of ‘what do I need?”

Well, I’m going to tell you that the only thing you REALLY need is YOU! You have the skills inside yourself to help your preschool students achieve all of their speech and language goals.

Now, I’d be lying if I said that a few little gems might not help you along the way.

Buuut….. when I graduated, I bought ALL THE THINGS. I had hundreds of resources …. And guess what? I only used a fraction of them.

Over time, I donated most of those resources and primarily kept only resources that I could use:

  • In every session

  • With every student

  • All year long

*Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good seasonal resource*

I have complied by top 6 resources that you can use in every single one of your preschool speech therapy sessions. These resources can be used year round, can be used with all of your students, and will help you save time.

1) Preschool Goal Bank: This goal bank will save you a tonne time. 15 years in the game, and it STILL saves me a tonne of time. It includes goals for expressive language, receptive language, speech sounds, classroom skills, play skills and more. The best part is that it is editable, so you can add any goals you wish!

2) Behavior and Language Visuals: The key to success is speech therapy is supporting students with the cues they need. Decrease your student’s frustration by providing them with visuals that are clear, make sense, and will help them increase their accuracy. There are over 50 visuals and they can be printing BIG (great for a big impact) or LITTLE (Great for a travelling SLP).

3) Speech Sound Cue Cards: I’m not kidding when I say I use these for everything! They are double sided, with a variety of cues on the back (verbal, visual, metaphor), so you have a toolkit of cues you can provide your students. You can also share these with parents or school staff to help promote generalization. I have an entire blog post with ideas of how to use these here).

4) Play Based Language Assessment: Standardized tests are boring. I said it. Play Based Assessment allow you to get more trials, figure out what cues work for the student, and keep your students engaged. You can use this to set goals or review progress. It includes norms, props, and instructions to make it a one-stop assessment shop! This honestly has been a game changer in my therapy room.

5) Word Lists: Sick of racking your brain for target words? I was too. That’s why I created lists for everything. Simply look at the list, pick the targets and go! There are lists for minimal pairs, apraxia word list, and thematic articulation word lists. Save yourself the time and energy of thinking of words and just refer to these!

6) Visual Schedule: A visual schedule that includes ALL the things we use in preschool speech therapy is a must! Not only do visual schedules help the student know what is coming, they also help the clinician stay organized and focus! I created this visual schedule with over 100 icons that is FILLED with hard to find icons, of activities we use all the time in speech therapy (i.e. magnetic wand, oral mechanism exam, pop up games).

These six speech and language therapy resources will help you feel confident and prepared for whatever your school year brings.

I hope you have the best year EVER (and remember - it only gets easier!)

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