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7 FREE Winter Themed Activities for Preschool Speech Therapy

Are you on the lookout for free speech therapy activities for winter?

These fun and easy games, songs, and resources will have your preschool and kindergarten students engaged in learning during your speech and language therapy sessions. Use these free speech therapy activity ideas from November until February to target speech sounds, receptive language, wh-questions, expressive language and more!

  • Snow Sensory Bin: If you have snow where you live, fill a bowl or container with snow. Pair with any winter themed toys, toss them in! You can also use spoons and cups to encourage exploratory play. Sensory bins are great for targeting concepts (cold/warm, small/big, fuzzy/smooth).

  • Animal rescue: Freeze toy animals in ice cube trays. Use warm water to ‘rescue’ the animals. You can target: describing (talk about how the animals look), concepts (warm/cold), verbs (pour, melt, freeze, drip), s-blends (stuck, slippery), past tense verbs (melted, froze).

  • Winter Songs: Youtube has a tonne of fun and engaging songs for preschool and early elementary students. My favorite way to use songs is to pause the music so students can fill in the missing words (of course they have to listen to the song a few times first!). Some of my favorite songs are: Five Little Snowmen (a go-to for s-blends), The Winter Hokey Pokey (Great for vocabulary and verb tenses), and Snowman Dance.

  • Make paper snowflakes: All you need is paper and scissors! You can work on s-blends (snip, snowflake, square), verbs (cut, fold, open), concepts (big, little, straight, curvy), and comparing/contrasting.

  • Snowman Says: An easy spin on “Simon Says”. Instead of “Simon Says”, say “Snowman Says”. You can make the directions and simple or complex as you wish. Work on following directions, negation, and turn taking.

  • Winter Action Cherades: Brainstorm some Winter Activities (skiing, sledding, snowboarding, building a snowman). Act out the winter activity and see if the other people can guess what you are doing. Alternatively, you can describing the activity.

  • Winter What Questions Deck: Use this free BOOM deck to work on winter themed what questions. This is a sample of my WH-Questions Boom Deck Bundle. All of the questions are related to the theme and feature theme related vocabulary! Easy to grab and go and pair with any other winter themed activity.

I hope this list keeps your preschool and kindergarten students engaged all winter long!

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