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7 No Prep Activity Ideas for Speech Therapy: Articulation and Phonology

As a Preschool Speech Therapist, sometimes I just want to do no prep and still be able to target a variety of speech goals. No fuss. No time spent. Am I right? (I am sure School Speech Therapists feel the same!)

I don’t know about you - but I am always looking for easy speech therapy activities that can be used with preschoolers, kindergarten students, and early elementary students to add to my therapy toolbox!

I have put together SEVEN of my favorite no-prep, no-fuss therapy speech therapy activities that you can use to target phonology, articulation and Apraxia of Speech.

1. Use Mini Objects and Mini Erasers: Give the child one mini eraser each time they said a word correctly. See how fast you can get to 50 - or even 100!

2. Use Gross Motor activities: Get your students moving! Move like different animals while saying your words, complete an obstacle course, or do some yoga moves while saying your target words.

3. Use Cutting Activities: Grab some scissors and cut pieces of paper while saying target words.

4. Play a Board Game: Quick turn taking games are the best for getting a high number of trials in your speech therapy sessions. You can even use these games during distance learning. Kids love watching people play games.

5. Use a Bingo Dauber: One bingo dot = one correct production. This is also an easy way to keep track of trials.

6. Use a smash mat: Incorporate some sensory play by smashing a piece of play dough each time the child says their target word.

7. Use Tracing Lines and Tracing Mats: Incorporate some fine motor activities by having your students trace lines. Use a variety of colorful markers and crayons to keep it motivating for your students. You can have your students say the words while they are tracing or once they have completed their line.

If you are looking for an easy no-prep resource that includes all of these activities (and 20 more!), check out my No Prep Speech Sound Activity Binder. I created these speech therapy worksheets to add to my toolkit of preschool speech therapy activities (but you can use them with early elementary students as well!).

These hands on activities for speech therapy are completely customizable so you can a variety of speech therapy goals, including phonological processes (such as final consonant deletion and cluster reduction), articulation, words shapes and more!

You can use the included word list for speech therapy targets (includes an sblend word list, l blend word list, and r blend word list) or create your custom word list that is suitable for your student’s needs. Imagine all of the time you will save with these print and go activities! Simply grab mini erasers, play dough, stamps, markers, magnetic chips and you’re ready to go!

When completed, send these speech therapy activities for homework to promote carryover, generalization, and practice at home! I even use these in speech teletherapy by screen sharing and using the annotate feature. Grab yours here!

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