7 No Prep Activity Ideas for Speech Therapy: Articulation and Phonology

Updated: Jun 5

As a Preschool Speech Therapist, sometimes I just want to do no prep and still be able to target a variety of speech goals. No fuss. No time spent. Am I right? (I am sure School Speech Therapists feel the same!)

I don’t know about you - but I am always looking for easy speech therapy activities that can be used with preschoolers, kindergarten students, and early elementary students to add to my therapy toolbox!

I have put together SEVEN of my favorite no-prep, no-fuss therapy speech therapy activities that you can use to target phonology, articulation and Apraxia of Speech.

1. Use Mini Objects and Mini Erasers: Give the child one mini eraser each time they said a word correctly. See how fast you can get to 50 - or even 100!

2. Use Gross Motor activities: Get your students moving! Move like different animals while saying your words, complete an obstacle course, or do some yoga moves while saying your target words.

3. Use Cutting Activities: Grab some scissors and cut pieces of paper while saying target words.

4. Play a Board Game: Quick turn taking games are the best for getting a high number of trials in your speech therapy sessions. You can even use these games during distance learning. Kids love watching people play games.

5. Use a Bingo Dauber: One bingo dot = one correct production. This is also an easy way to keep track of trials.

6. Use a smash mat: Incorporate some sensory play by smashing a piece of play dough each time the child says their target word.