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7 Ways to Use Photo Boxes for Speech Therapy Storage

Photo boxes, task boxes, mini boxes - they've been called many things! These storage boxes can be used for organization by school teachers and Speech Language Pathologists. These are one of my favourite storage tools for speech therapy and speech therapy tool. I use these handy task boxes from Micheals for just about everything!

They are compact, affordable, easy to transport, and store a TONNE of stuff.

Read for some speech therapy room organization tips and therapy ideas.

Mini Sensory Bins - this is my favorite way to use these mini boxes! Kids LOVE small things. I have a set of 16 of these ready to pull out at any time and my kids love the hands on learning that comes with it! If you're interested in creating your own set (without breaking the bank!), make sure to check out my Themed Sensory Bin Product and Themed Sensory Bin 2.0. Each set includes 30+ unique themes!

Storing mini erasers and objects - you can store your mini objects by theme or by speech sound in these handy boxes. I get my minis from Amazon, Micheals, and Dollar Stores.

Articulation Card Storage - it is SO handy to have all your cards in one place and ready to grab for any session. This is a must (in my opinion) for travelling therapists, so you can just grab the articulation cards for speech therapy that you need. If you're looking for a set of Articulation cards, make sure to check these out. There are over 500 cards and all the clipart is cohesive!

Storing Game Pieces - No more missing game pieces! Most games for preschoolers come with small parts that can fall out of the box and get lost all together. I love throwing game pieces in the task box, grabbing the speech therapy game and going into my session! Looking for a list of top games for preschool? Check out this blog post.

Task Box Sized Activities: There are so many great TPT products that fit perfectly into these task boxes!

Storing Visuals: A go-to set of visuals is a must for any Speech-Language Pathologist. I keep my 52 language and Behavior Visuals in my bag for home visits - ready to go anytime! This way they don't get crumpled and have stayed in great shape over the years.

Five Minute Tasks: Keep tracing cards, lacing cards, or any other activities that your students can do for five minutes at the end of a session (or whenever you need a minute to jot a note down!).

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If you're looking to purchase these task boxes, you can get them from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Amazon. I don't even want to tell you how many sets of these I have!

If you have any other ideas for these task boxes, make sure to let me know! I love hearing from you!

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