Simple Speech Therapy Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers with Apraxia of Speech

Updated: Apr 19

Blog post 3/10 of therapy plans for Childhood Apraxia of Speech Treatment! I have featured commonly targeted word shapes in each lesson plan. Make sure to check the other Apraxia of Speech Treatment Ideas here!. Remember - this is just an example of how you can take target words and incorporate them into play!

Today we are focusing on exclamatory words and CVCV words. This lesson plan would be perfect for your really little ones with CAS!

Target words: Oh no, Mama, Dada, Ow, and wah wah!


* Oh no! It's a Boo Boo!: Repetitive and Interactive Story

* Bandaids

* People Figurines

* Playground toys or Little People Play set (any kind will do)

**Optional and not pictured: doctor's kit.

Start off by reading "Oh no! It's a Boo Boo!". Your students can practice the phrase, "oh no!" on each page. This is a great phrase to practice because it is so easy to incorporate inflection! Your students will have a big job in this story because they have to give each character a bandaid to help them feel better!

After the story, it's time to move to play! Pretend you are at the park and people keep getting hurt!

I like to model a routine:

You can introduce it by saying: "Oh no!! Mama and Dada keep falling off the park! We need to help them when they fall". Then you can model mama falling off the slide and say "OW!" (Often the child will repeat you!).

Then, have the child tell you who fell. (Mama!). Then you can say, "Oh no!! They're crying. Wah wah! Can you cry like them?." The child can then say, "wah wah!"

To help the mama and dada you can stick bandaids where they got hurt! (Kids love sticking bandaids on toys - I don't get it, but they do!).

Not pictured idea: *Youtube Song: The Boo Boo Song

Fun, quick, easy and you get a tonne of trials!

Grab "Oh No! It's a Boo- Boo!" here!

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