Play Based Treatment Ideas for Apraxia in Preschool Speech Therapy

Updated: Apr 19

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Today's activity uses one of my ALL-TIME favorite toys. The Critter Clinic can be used for just about every theme you can imagine. In this session, you can use it as a home for your Polar Animals to fit your Winter Themed Session! Remember - this is just an example of how you can take target words and incorporate them into play!

Theme: Winter

Word Shape: Velar CV words and Exclamatory Words

Target Words: Key, Go, Yummy Materials: Books: Snowball Soup and Winter, Winter! I love it so! Toys: Critter Clinic and Little People Polar Animals

Movement is a game changer in preschool therapy sessions! "Winter, Winter! I love you so!" is repetitive and incorporates movement on every page! Your students can get up and move and act out the winter verbs while telling you to "GO" and move YOUR body!

Next, you can free the animals from the cages by using the "KEY" and telling them to "GO" quickly!!! To work on prosody, you can say "GO" like the animal you have found.

Lastly, the story "Snowball Soup" will allow your students to pretend to make soup for a snowman! Kids love this hands on activity. While you are "making soup" and reading the story, the child can tell you that the soup is "YUMMY"!

If you have extra time, you can "feed" the polar animals the soup you made and practice the word "YUMMY" again!

Grab your story, Winter, Winter! I love it so! here!

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