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Back to school activities for speech therapy

If you are looking for some ideas for back to school speech therapy, make sure to keep reading!

The first few weeks back to school can be exhausting and overwhelming (for you and your students!). If you’re anything like me, I like to keep things very simple the first few weeks so that I can really focus on building relationships with my students (and not spending too much time planning and prepping).

I’m going to list some no-prep speech therapy activities and some play based speech therapy ideas that you can use all of September!

Back to school Books for Preschool Speech Therapy

These are all great books for preschool to introduce them to school. Most of our little friends have never experienced school (i.e lining up, washing hands, snack time, transitions, etc.). The more we can expose kids to what is excepted at school, the better! Do a quick Google Search to find out how you can get your hands on a copy in your area!

  • Our Class is a Family

  • Pete the Kitty’s First Day of Preschool

  • How do Dinosaurs go to School

  • If Animals go to School

  • This is a School

  • Superheros love starting school

  • Back to School Games for Preschool

  • The Pigeon has to go to School

  • Lola goes to School

  • First Day Jitters

  • Time for School, Little Blue Truck

  • The Pout Pout Fish Goes the School

  • Berenstein Bears go to School

  • We Don't Eat our ClassMmates

  • The Night before First Grade

  • First Day Jitters

  • Pet The Cat Rocking my School Shoes

Back to School BOOM Cards for Speech Therapy

  • Let’s go the School: Play Based Boom Card - This BOOM Card provides a variety of playful activities that you can simply pull up and use in teletherapy or during in-person sessions!

Back to School Songs for Speech Therapy

Songs are a great way to get in a lot of trials because they often have simple lyrics and repetitive text!

Back to School Toys for Speech Therapy

  • School Bus and Kids: Load the kids on and off the bus and ride the bus around the room! Drive the bus slow, fast, around, under, and over! Work on following directions by putting the people on and off the bus in a certain way. Make a road for the bus to drive on, out of tape, and work on goals while making the road!

  • Puppets and stuffed animals: Use some stuffed animals and toys to create a classroom. You can use a pointer and a whiteboard and allow the student to be the teacher (they’ll love it!).

  • School Critter Clinic: Transform your Critter Clinic into a fun and easy way to teach routines and work on a variety of speech and language goals! Using dramatic play in speech therapy is always a hit!

Hopefully you find these speech therapy activities helpful and engaging for your preschool speech therapy students!

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