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Castle Theme in Speech Therapy

There's just something so classic about princesses, castles, dragons, kings, and queens! Preschoolers and school aged children love this speech therapy theme. As a play-based Speech Language Pathologist, I love that I can incorporate so many play schemas into this theme for speech therapy and there are so many books that can be used along side this theme!

Here are my top books, games, and toys for speech therapy when using a castle theme, divided into subcategories of Dragons and Princesses! You can find these with a quick google search!


  • There's a dragon in my book: This interactive book is ideal for keeping little bodies engaged because each page gives the child an action to complete, making it so easy to target following directions and verbs.

  • That's not my dragon: A touchy feely book that is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. I really love using this book to target describing, negation, and adjectives.

  • Dragons love tacos: OOOH!! I LOVE THIS BOOK and more importantly, so do my students! It is so funny and witty. A great one for story grammar, prediction, and describing. I would recommend this for kindergarten and up!

  • There was an old dragon who swallowed a knight: Perfect to get in loads of trials of r-bends or simple CVC word (knight), as well as theme related vocabulary. \

  • Dear Dragon: This book is PERFECT for rhyming! A boy and a dragon become pen pals and must write letters to one another that have to rhyme. Extend this activity and write a letter with your student that rhymes!

  • The Frog Prince: This classic fairy tale is always a hit. It is a great book to talk about how to treat people! If you need a no-prep book companion for the story, make sure to check this out!

  • That's not my Princess: I love all the Touchy Feely books by Usborne and this one is no different. Great for adjectives, negation, and describing.

  • Part Time Princess: The book is perfect for older students and features a little girl who turns into a princess and takes on dragons, trolls and dolphins at night.

  • The Princess and the Pea: Another classic fairy tale that is perfect to discuss concept (heavy, light, soft, hard). I pair this book with my no-prep book companion for an easy and low key session.

  • The Paper Bag Princess: My ALL-TIME favorite children's book, so I HAD to include it on the list. It has great story grammar, making it perfect for older students.

  • The Very Fairy Princess: This book is about a girl who believes she is a fairy princess. It covers the importance of not just being a princess - but also being confident and independent (WINNER IN MY BOOK!). This book would be a great one to incorporate discussing adjectives, vocabulary, and talking about story grammar. Another one for kids ages 4 and up!

  • The Princess Knight: Total girl power in this book! A little girl raised with three older brothers has been told her entire life she isn't as strong as they are. Well, that changes when she proves she is smarter than them and wins the tournament for her hand in marriage!


Dragon Snacks: This is one of my preschoolers' favorite games to play in speech therapy because it is so unique (and even my early elementary students love it)! The dragon's belly lights up and I make students say a 'spell' to get it to work (the spell always includes their goal). If you're looking for a no-prep game companion for this game, check out my HUGE Bundle of Game and Toy Companions!

Dragon Dash: This co-operative game is perfect for groups. Work together to defeat the dragon!

Disney Princess Cupcake Party: Now I don't own this game but I have seen it many times and have been really intrigued but never purchased. If you have a student that loves Disney Princesses, this could be a hit in theryou therapy room. Target describing, comparing/contrasting, and following directions.


Critter Clinic: If you're looking to add a little PLAY into your therapy sessions using a castle theme, make sure to check out this Castle Themed Critter Clinic set! You will be able to bring your stories into life and create play situations that will allow you target so many expressive language and receptive language goals in a fun and meaningful way!

Princess Sensory Bin: These is just one of the bins included my Sensory Bin Bundles. You can use sensory bins to target ALL THE GOALS! Want more information on how to use bins in therapy or set them up? Check out these blog posts.


If you need to get some quick trials in with engaging resources, these could be it! Both of these products include LOADS of themes - not just princesses and dragons!

Speech Therapy Spinners: Include over 120 and 180 spinners, including dragons and princesses! Includes themed vocabulary and loads of expressive langauge, receptive language, articulation and phonology goals!

High Trial Mats: One of my own most used resources! Includes loads of target sheets, as well as blank forms that you can write your own personalized targets on!

I hope you find this list helpful in planning your next speech therapy session!

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