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Low-Prep Activities and Therapy Ideas for Christmas Preschool Speech Therapy Sessions

I have put together my FAVORITE low-prep Christmas themed activities to target speech and language skills!

These engaging activities can be used during in-person sessions and during teletherapy sessions!

A great themed therapy session can include a few simple activities that can be used target a vareity of goals. A book, a toy, a sensory bin, a 'hands-on activity' are my must haves for a fun and simple thematic therapy session.

Here are my favorite Christmas resources for preschool speech therapy! They are low-prep, fun, and versatile enough to use with your entire caseload.


Interactive Christmas Adventure Story: This story book allows preschoolers to create their own story by choosing an item to complete each page. You can use this with your entire caseload because it includes cheats sheets that list therapy ideas for each page! It is available as a BOOM card or as a Printable Story


Feed the Characters: This Open-Ended BOOM card activity of feeding yummy treats to Christmas and Winter Characters. It includes a PDF with ideas how to target speech sounds, possessive 's, negation, describing, past Tense -Ed, first sound identification, following directions, spatial concepts, requesting, comparing/Contrasting, and Categorizing in a natural way!


These Christmas WH-Questions cards are the perfect addition to any therapy session. The self correcting cards allow you to get in a lot of practice quickly and the smash mats allow for a ‘hands-on’ component. During in person session, you can use your favorite manipulatives to make it a ‘hands on’ activity. Use the BOOM Cards during teletherapy - your students will love choose a ‘mini eraser’ to cover the correct answer!