Books, Songs, and Activities for Halloween Themed Speech Therapy

Updated: Apr 20

Are you a preschool SLP looking for some fun, low-prep Halloween themed activities to target speech and language skills with your preschool students?

These engaging play-based activities will have your students laughing and learning for your entire Halloween themed session!

Using themes in therapy doesn't have to be time-consuming or complicated! I like to use a book, a toy, a sensory bin, a movement activity, and a game for my thematic therapy sessions. I am very picky with the materials I choose. They need to be low-prep, fun, and versatile enough to use with my entire caseload.

Here are my favorite Halloween resources for preschool speech therapy - they can be used to target SO MANY GOALS!


Interactive Halloween Adventure Story: This story book allows preschoolers to create their own story by choosing an item to complete each page. You can use this with your entire caseload becuase it includes cheats sheets that list therapy ideas for each page! It is avaiable as a BOOM card or as a Printable Story.

The Spooky Wheels on the Bus by J. Elizabeth Mills: This story is the perfect Halloween story for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten students! Students love acting out each page.

You can use this story to target: plural 's, concepts, describing,

s-blends, action words, and vocabulary. Don't own the book or are using teletherapy? No problem! Watch it on Youtube and simply pause when needed! (I do not own any rights to this book - I just love it!)


Trick or Treating: You can set up a trick or treating pretend play activity using Little People, a Melissa and Doug Wooden House, some pretend candy, and a Fisher Price Bus. I use it to target: grammar, speech sounds, following directions, vocabulary, phonological awareness, and play skills. Do you want to try this activity out but aren't sure where to start? I have created a play-based companion to help you get ideas for how to elicit a variety of speech and language goals. Don't own the toys? No problem! This Play-Based Companion includes all the pieces and instructions you need to use this activity!


Feed the Woozle: I cannot say enough about this game. I have never met a child that doesn't LOVE this game. This silly Woozle LOVES to eat yucky snacks. Not sure where to start? Grab Words Matter's FREE Game Companion in her TPT store. Don't own the game? Make your own with a paper bag, markers, constuction paper and some creativity!

Feed the Creatures: I also have created an Open-Ended BOOM card activity of feeding yucky snacks to Halloween Creatures. It includes a PDF with ideas how to target speech sounds, possessive 's, negation, describing, past Tense -Ed, first sound identification, following directions, spatial concepts, requesting, comparin/Contrasting, and Categorizing in a natural way!


Zombie Hunt by Speechy Things is such a low-prep and fun way to target prepositions, speech sounds, concepts, and so much more! In this search and find game, you hide the zombies around the room. Your students find the hiding Zombies and match them to the key. I love doing this in the dark and giving my students a mini finger flashlight!


Halloween Rhyming Sensory Bin Activity: This FREE Sensory Bin Activity by Ms. Gardenia's Speech Room allows you to target SO many goals! I have used it to target rhyming, possessive 's, pronouns, answering wh-questions, describing, and spatial concepts. Use hard plastic fillers to make it easy to clean.


Baby Hazel Games has a tonne of FREE open-ended games that can be used to target a variey of speech and language goals. I am going to talk about my favorite two. Baby Hazel's Halloween Dress Up is a fun and engaging activity. In this game, your students can choose Halloween costuems and accessories for Hazel. This activity is perfect to target requesting, describing, possessive 's, increasing sentence length. In Baby Hazel Halloween Crafts, your student can help Hazel make a Halloween craft. This is a perfect alternative to 'hands-on' crafts. I like these games becuase there are visual supports built right into the games! There are many other games, so make sure to eheck them out!

Oh my Gourd is the cutest little pumpkin game! Students are able to design their own Jack-O-Lanterns which provides so much opportunities for language. This simple activity allows you target requesting, expanding MLU, spatial concepts, body parts, following directions, describing, and comparing and contrasting! This is also a great home to model during therapy and then encourage parents to use at home!

I hope this helps you plan an easy, fun, and play-based therapy month! Happy Halloween!

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