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Ideas for Using Visual Schedules during Preschool Speech Therapy Sessions

Visuals schedules are schedules created with a series of pictures. Each picture depicts a different activity. The pictures can represent toys, activities, locations, or games that will occur during a period of time. Typically, visual schedules have two columns - one column for 'to do' activities and one for completed activities.

Visual schedules are often used in the classroom to support student.. Did you know they can also be useful during a preschool speech therapy session? Visual schedules can help your preschoolers understand what is going to happen during a preschool therapy session. My students love running into my therapy room and checking out the visual schedule and seeing what they will be doing!

Not sure how to present a visual schedule during your preschool speech therapy session? There are so many ways to have a visual schedule set up in your therapy session.

Here are four ways you can use a visual schedule in your preschool therapy session.

Use large icons and stick your visual schedule to the side of a piece of furniture using velcro. An advantage of this is that the visual schedule is always in the same spot for the child to refer to. This would be ideal for SLPs with a dedicated therapy space.

Use small or medium-sized icons for this idea. Use a zippered pouch in a binder with velcro strips. Use the zippered pouch to store the icons. Place the 'to do' icons on the left and move the icon to the right column when the activity is over. This is a perfect option for the on the go therapist who changes rooms/schools often.

Stick two pieces of velcro to a binder. Prop the binder up on a table during your session. This is another easy alternative for an SLP on the go.

Stick two pieces of velcro to a desk. This is perfect for group therapy if each student has a different schedule. This could also work for an SLP who has dedicated desk space for therapy sessions.

I use a combination of all of these because I see kids in my home and in schools! I needed a set of icons for my visual schedule that I could print big, medium, or small for my needs. I also had a hard time finding more obscure icons that depicted activities I frequently used in my therapy sessions (e.g. moving games, ball poppers, and Cariboo!). I created the Visual Schedule for Speech Therapy to solve all of these problems! It includes 103 icons and can be printed three different sizes to fit your specific needs. Grab yours here.

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