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Low-Prep Activities and Therapy Ideas for Winter Preschool Speech Therapy Sessions

These easy-to-use and engaging speech and language therapy activities will keep your kindergarteners, preschoolers, and first grades learning and laughing all through January!

A few simple, well thought out activities can be tailored to target expressive language, receptive language, apraxia of speech, phonology, and articulation.

My 'must-haves' for versatile therapy sessions are a gross motor activity, a book, and a 'hands on' activity. I do love to use games, songs, and BOOM cards, as well.

These are my favorite resources for my winter speech therapy sessions!


Winter, Winter! I love it so!: This Gross Motor Story has repetitive text, which allows for tonnes of practice trials AND it has seasonal verbs on each page!

Get your students up and moving with 'invitation to move' on each page. A perfect movement break or therapy activity!

This story includes action cards to send home (or use in your therapy sessions), as well as a list of ideas of how to use the cards.

To use in teletherapy, simply pull the PDF up on your computer and share your screen!


Feed the Characters: This Open-Ended BOOM card activity of feeding yummy treats to Polar Animals.

Not sure how you could use this to target a variety of goals? No problem! It includes a 'cheat sheet' of therapy ideas for speech sounds and language goals.

Cariboo: Want to know a secret?

I love therapy materials that I can use for SO many activities (i.e. less prep time).

These Winter visuals can be used for Cariboo, as well as other things (keep reading to find out!).

There are cards for emotions, verbs, nouns, and adjectives. These cards are a perfect companion to any winter-themed book, game, craft, or activity.



These Winter WH-Questions cards are the perfect addition to any therapy session. They are available as self-correcting BOOM cards or as a PDF.

Each of the 40 question cards is related to winter!

I created these so that you could use THEME RELATED questions in your sessions because throwing a snowflake on a question about the beach doesn't make it winter themed.

During in-person sessions, you can use your favorite manipulatives (I like using sparkly white pom poms that look like snowballs!) to make it a ‘hands on’ activity.

Free Online Game: Dress the Snowman

This is the CUTEST activity and it's free!! It's perfect for teletherapy and for a low-prep option for in-person therapy.

What child wouldn't want to make their very own snowman?

You can use this Dress the Snowman activity to target:

  • Requesting: Have the child ask for a specific body part.

  • Body Parts: This is pretty straighforward!

  • Plural 's: Remember to use the 's' when using more than one body part.

  • Body Parts: This is pretty straightforward!each one.

  • Size Concepts: Big eyes/Little eyes? Big buttons/Little buttons?



I haven't met a kid that doesn't love playdough! I have met plenty of kids who don't know what to MAKE with their playdough!