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Money Saving Tips for Buying Seasonal Books for Speech Therapy

I love using seasonal and themed books in speech therapy with my preschoolers and early intervention clients, but I don't love the cost! Here are some quick money saving tips for having. variety of themed and seasonal books at your disposal -without breaking the bank.

1) Check out seasonal books on YouTube. You can just use the YouTube Video in your session or check out the book before you buy it (so you don't have any regrets!).

2) Place Holds at your Public Library (or just pop by there!). I LOVE using my library for seasonal books. I can get different books each year that way and try out new releases!

3) Check out Second Hand Stores. You'd be amazed how many seasonal books get donated to Second Hand Stores.

4) Put a "Wanted" post out to friends on Social Media. Trust me, your mom friends are itching to clear out their bookshelves and will gladly give you any books they aren't using.

5) Check out Facebook Market Place. People often sell books in big lots. You can even place a "Looking For" Ad.

6) Wait for sales! Bookstores will often mark down books closer to the holiday (and afterwards)! It's a great time to stock up for the next year.

Need a list of themed and seasonal books?

Download this free guide of themed resources (including books) from my Freebie Library (just sign up for my email list at the bottom of this page to get access)!


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