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Must-Have Preschool Speech Therapy Resources for Back to School in 2020

Going back to school is always an emotional time for SLPs!

The 2020 Back to School Season is no exception. Hybrid therapy, distance therapy, and in-person therapy are all possible service delivery options.

I created this list of the best preschool speech therapy resources for Back to School in 2020. These resources will help you create fun and engaging speech and language therapy sessions throughout September for your preschoolers.

For your convenience, I have sorted them into three categories: distance learning, in-person sessions, and home communication. I chose products that can be used with a variety of students and to target a variety of speech and language goals.

Resources about Wearing a Mask

In-Person Sessions:

Distance Learning:

Home Communication:

Do you have any other "must-haves" for back to school? Comment below!

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