Pet Themed Speech Therapy Activities for Preschoolers

Year round speech therapy activities are the best because you can use them anytime - summer, winter, fall, or spring! You can use them when there isn’t a holiday to celebrate - or with your preschoolers and kindergarteners who don’t celebrate!

Non-holiday themes are also perfect for the budget-conscious SLP! You get a LOT of bang for your buck with your games, toys, speech therapy materials, and books because you can pull them out two (or three or four) times during the school year!

If you’ve been around here for awhile, you know that I love any resource that can target a tonne of goals. This is my round up of tried and true resources for a pets theme in speech therapy. As always, there are books, songs, hand-on activities, gross motor activities, games, toys, and distance learning resources.There is even a pet themed language assessment listed!


Some Pets: This story is a must for a pet theme. The bright and colourful pictures feature a huge variety of animals - which makes it great for describing, and following directions. It is also one of my favourites for final consonants Listen to the story on Youtube HERE.

What happened?: This book lends itself to working on wh-questions. On each page an animal gets hurt. You can ask, “who got hurt” and “what happened?” Your students will love ‘fixing’ the animal by giving them a band-aid (keep those little hands busy in sessions is key to successful therapy!) It also comes with a BOOM card if you are still in teletherapy!

Gimme a Bone!: This hands-on repetitive book is perfect for targeting bilabials (all the puppies have bilabial names and want to eat bones!), Possessive ’s, matching, and requesting. Your students will love to choose a bone for each pet while getting a tonne of practice on their goals. It is available as a BOOM card or PDF.