Preschool Speech Therapy Lesson Plan for Apraxia of Speech

Updated: Apr 19

For the next few days on the blog, I will be sharing treatment ideas that are suitable for treatment of Childhood Apraxia of Speech!

These easy ideas for treatment of Apraxia of Speech will allow you to target word shapes in a fun and natural way (and get a ton of trials!)

To get ++ trials of each word, I choose 3-5 words for the session. We start off by pre-practicing and I really focus on TEACHING the motor plan. Then, we move into play that naturally incorporate the target words.

This session plan is designed to target bilabial CV words. The target words are: my, bee, me, and bye.


First off, this interactive and repetitive story features all of these words on each page! The repetitive nature of the story allows students to complete the sentence and practice their target word SO MANY TIMES! The child is able to place a bee on each page and 'sting' the character.

The kids love choosing a bee and flying it around the room. Often, once you are done the story, you can hide the bees around the room and the child can find them.

Afterwards, you can play Bumblebee tree! This is such a fun and quick turn taking game to get a tonne of trials! You can put the bees back in the hive when the game is done and practice “bye bye”.

You can elicit the target words by asking:

*Who has a bee? ME!

*What did you find? BEE

*Whose turn is it? MY turn.

*The bee has to leave. Let’s say BYE BYE.

Other ideas that are not pictured:

* Draw a bumblebee or do a bumble craft.

* Sing, “I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee*

This session plan will get you a TONNE of trials and the best part is that your students won’t even know they’re practicing. 😃

Remember - it’s important to use multi-sensory cues - even in play! If child is unable to say the word on their own, you can “pause” and say the word together (or use whatever level of cueing the child needs). To read more about using multi-sensory cues, check out this blog post.

Interested in purchasing Little Bee, Don't Sting me? You can find it here.

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