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Spring Theme Activities for Preschool Speech Therapy

I love me some spring therapy activities - I think it's because after a long and cold winter - it's finally warm! I love celebrating the warmer weather starting in March and going all the way through May!

Spring is such a versatile theme to use in speech therapy because you can incorporate weather, insects, plants, farm animals, and more. I'm going to share some of my favourite books, toys, songs, and preschool activities about spring! These activities can be used both during in-person sessions as well as during speech teletherapy sessions (with a little bit of creativity!)


  • Pipe cleaner Flowers : A fine motor activity that can be used to target concepts in/on, short/tall, round/pointy, following directions, sequencing, and requesting.

  • Cereal Rainbow Craft : A free craft template! All you need is glue, paper, and some colourful cereal. A great way to work on concepts above/below and same/different!


  • Editable Spring Board Game - Free!: Print and go! Simply add your student's targets to the game board for an easy and low prep therapy activity.

  • Honeybee Tree: This quick turn taking game It is also a fun way to incorporate fine motor skills into your session. I love to pair it with my Game Companions (there are over 30+ games and 60 goals making it an ultimate mix and match therapy resource you can use alllll year - not just in the spring!).


  • Cootie: This fun little bug offers endless possibilities for language goals - sequencing, following directions, compare/contrast, spatial concepts and more! Check out this blog post for ideas for how to use him!

  • Fillable eggs: Fill Easter eggs with mini items (erasers, toys - anything that fits!). Kids love the element of surprise. You can hide them around the room, throw them in a sensory bin, or use them with people figurines (like Little People) to create play scenarios!