Spring Theme Activities for Preschool Speech Therapy

Updated: Jun 24

I love me some spring therapy activities - I think it's because after a long and cold winter - it's finally warm! I love celebrating the warmer weather starting in March and going all the way through May!

Spring is such a versatile theme because you can incorporate weather, insects, plants, farm animals, and more. I'm going to share some of my favourite books, toys, songs, and preschool activities about spring! These activities can be used both during in-person sessions as well as during speech teletherapy sessions (with a little bit of creativity!)


  • Pipe cleaner Flowers : A fine motor activity that can be used to target concepts in/on, short/tall, round/pointy, following directions, sequencing, and requesting.

  • Cereal Rainbow Craft : A free craft template! All you need is glue, paper, and some colourful cereal. A great way to work on concepts above/below and same/different!


  • Editable Spring Board Game - Free! : Print and go! Simply add your student's targets to the game board for an easy and low prep therapy activity.

  • Honeybee Tree: A great game to work on turn-taking, the 'b' phoneme, concepts in, out, more, less. It is also a fun way to incorporate fine motor skills into your session.


  • Cootie: This fun little bug offers endless possibilities for language goals - sequencing, following directions, compare/contrast, spatial concepts and more! (Keep posted for an upcoming Blog Post alll about this little guy!).

  • Fillable eggs! Fill Easter eggs with mini items (erasers, toys - anything that fits!). Kids love the element of surprise.


  • Little Bee! Don't Sting Me! : This interactive and hands on repetitive story is filled with early word shapes, making it perfect for little learners and kids with Apraxia of Speech. Your students will have so much fun flying the bee around and making it 'sting' the characters.

  • Butterfly, Butterfly! Where do you Fly? : This book was created to target three syllable words and has ample opportunities to do so on each page. You can also target spatial concepts! Allow your students to have control in your sessions by choosing the butterfly to complete each page.

  • Too Many Carrots : This is a great book for story retell and answering wh-questions. You can also use it to target concepts of sharing and friendship.

  • Spring! Spring! What a Wonderful Thing!: Gross Motor Story : Get kids up and moving with this rhyming and repetitive story. Each page follows a rhyming patter and features a spring related it verb, making it perfect to target vocabulary, phonological awareness, and verb tenses.

  • Tap the Magic Tree : One of my favourites for following directions because the directions and inherent in the text. Your students won't even know they're learning and working.each page.


Also make sure to check out my Spring WH Questions BOOM cards to get a tonne of practice with who questions, what questions, where questions, and when questions.

SONGS: These songs are all available on YouTube and have fun and playful tunes - perfect for your preschoolers! I like to listen to the song TWO times. The first time we listen and the second time I pause the song to allow my students to fill in the blanks. These are also easy to send for homework to promote carryover.

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