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The Best Books for Preschool Speech Therapy

How do you teach toddlers and preschooler to love books? By making them an active part of the reading process!!

Books are a perfect speech therapy tool for targeting everything from articulation, to wh-questions, to expressive language, to apraxia of speech! Not to mention they are a great way to build vocabulary and story retell skills.

I am sharing FOUR types of books (and my favourite five of each type) that keep toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners students engaged the entire time - even the wiggly ones!

1) Lift the Flap Books: There is something about that element of surprise that children just love! You can easily build anticipation by showing just a part of what is under the flap or slowly lifting the flap.

Some of my favourites are:

2) Repetitive Books: The benefits of repetitive books are that children can predict what is going to be on the next page, making it easy for them to fill in the blanks. The familiar text also helps them comprehend the story. Some of my favourites are:

To read all about all of the benefits of repetitive books, check out this blog post!

3) Action Books: Books that encourage kids to MOVE are perfect for little ones. Some of my favorites are:

4) Interactive Books: Books with moveable pieces and tasks for littles ones to complete are a serious game changer. There is something about giving a child a job to do that makes them super accountable and focused. Some of my favorites are:

I hope this list helps you find some new favourite books that you can use with your little ones.

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