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Top Books and Songs for Preschool Halloween Speech Therapy Sessions

Halloween is an SLP favorite when it comes to themes for so many reasons! It is a fun speech therapy theme because children are SO motivated! I remember being a child and counting the days to Halloween - candy, costumes, and friends - what's not to love?

Keep reading for a MASSIVE list of Halloween books and Halloween songs that your preschool and early intervention students are going to love!

Using songs is an easy and fun way to get kids engaged. Most kids love dancing and singing along! For more information on how to use songs in Speech Therapy, check out this blog.

Halloween Songs for Speech Therapy: You can find all of these songs for Halloween Speech Therapy Sessions on Youtube. Simply Copy and Paste the title into Youtube and you will find it!

1) The Skeleton Dance

2) Hello, Trick or Treat

3) Who took the Candy?

4) Zombie Walk

5) Go Away!

6) Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate

7) Spooky Spooky

8) Ten in the Bed

9) Trick or Treat - Give Me Something Good to Eat

10) Pumpkin Dance

11) Down by the Spooky Bay

12) Halloween Sharks

13) Ghostbusters

14) Five Little Ghosts

15) Five Creepy Spiders

16) The Skeleton Dance

17) Five Litt;e Pumpkins

18) The Monster Shuffle

19) Halloween Stomp

20) Knock, Knock, Trick or Treat

Halloween Books for Speech Therapy: These are my TOP books for a Halloween Themed Speech Therapy session! They are engaging and playful - a must for books for preschoolers. You can listen to them on YouTube (just search the book tittle) or purchase at a local book store! For more information on how to use books in Speech Therapy, check out this blog.

  • That's Not My Witch

  • If you're Spooky and You Know it

  • Cookie Boo!

  • Trick or Treat, Little Critter!

  • Spooky Pookie

  • Room on the Broom

  • Five Little Pumpkins

  • The Three Little SuperPigs: Trick or Treat

  • Pete the Cat: Trick or Treat

  • Click, Clack, Boo!

  • Ten Little Pumpkins

  • Boo at the Zoo

  • It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse!

  • The Biggest Pumpkin

  • Boo!

  • If You're a Monster and You Know It

  • Splat the Cat: What was That?

  • There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Bat

  • Spooky Wheels on the Bus

  • The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin

  • Mummy who Who Swallowed a Spider

  • Old Lady Who Swallowed a Ghost

  • Little Blue Truck's Halloween

  • How to catch a Monster

  • How to catch a Witch

  • Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat

Need some low prep book companions? The books in Italic are all featured in my Book Craft Bundle which is a MEGA no-prep set of book companion craft sheets!

Each of the italicized stories has a one page craft sheet that can be used for story retell, to answer questions about the story, to act out the story while you are reading it aloud.

The top part of the sheet is the setting of the story and the bottom half has the characters/items in the story.

Your students will love this fine motor activity and it can be used as a preschool craft not just for Halloween, but also Easter, Valentine's Day, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day and more!

I hope this list helps you plan some fun and easy speech therapy sessions this fall!

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