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Top Books and Songs for Preschool Winter Speech Therapy Sessions

Looking for winter preschool activities for speech therapy? Look no further! There are so many hands on activities that you can use that are so easy and motivating for your preschool and early elementary students.

Winter is a fun and versatile to use in November, December, and January with your preschool and kindergarten students. Snowmen, Sledding, Skating, and Snow - what's not to love? Books and songs are perfect winter activities for preschool!

Keep reading for a MASSIVE list of Winter books and Winter songs that your preschool and early intervention students are going to love!

Using songs is an easy and fun way to get kids engaged. Most kids love dancing and singing along! For more information on how to use songs in Speech Therapy, check out this blog.

Winter Songs for Preschool Speech Therapy: You can find all of these songs for Winter Speech Therapy Sessions on Youtube. There are a variety of general winter themed songs, but you could even subdivide them into smaller winter preschool themes (e.g. penguins, snowmen, snow, etc.).

1) Let's Rock to Get Ready for Winter

2) Snowman Freeze

3) I'm a Little Snowman

4) Snowman Dance

5) Winter Hokey Pokey

6) Snow Action Song

7) Adventure Through the Snow

8) 5 Little Snowmen

9) Paw Paw Polar Bear

10) Move and Freeze Arctic Animals - great for verbs!

11) Mitten Colors Song

12) The Polar asked the Ice Cream Man

13) Put on Your Boots

14) The Seasons Song

15) Let it Go

16) The Snow Song

17) JJ Has Fun in the Snow

18) The Snowflake Song

19) I'm a Little Penguin

20) Winter Fun in the Snow

Winter Books for Preschool Speech Therapy:

These are my TOP books for a Winter Themed Speech Therapy session! They are engaging and playful - a must for books for preschoolers. You can listen to them on YouTube (just search the book tittle) or purchase at a local book store! For more information on how to use books in Speech Therapy, check out this blog.

1) Snowball Soup

2) Snowmen at Night

3) 50 Below Zero

4) Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear?

5) How to Catch a Snowman

6) Deep Snow

7) Pete the Cat: Snow Daze

8) The Mitten

9) Snow Happy

10) There was an Old Lady who Swallowed some Snow

11) The Biggest Snowman Ever

12) Sneezy the Snowman

13) The First Day of Winter

14) A Loud Winter's Nap

15) Never Feed a Yeti Spaghetti

16) Bear Snores On

17) Biscuit's Snowy Day

18) Penguins, Penguins, Everywhere

19) Winter, Winter! I love you so!

20) The Lonesome Polar Bear

I hope this list helps you plan some fun and easy speech therapy sessions this winter!

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