Treatment Ideas for Preschoolers with Apraxia of Speech

Whoo! I've been loving this series on therapy ideas for Apraxia of Speech in Children. It has been so fun sharing these simple and engaging lesson plans designed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech in mind!

If you missed the other posts featuring Childhood Apraxia of Speech Treatment Ideas, check them out here.

To make sure we get lots of trials of each word, I choose 3-5 words for the session. We start off by pre-practicing and I really focus on TEACHING the motor plan. Then, we move into play activities that naturally incorporate the target words.

Today we are moving to a more complex word shape: C1V1C2V2.

Target Words: Many, Bunny, Sunny


* Too Many Carrots book (Don't own the book? No problem - you can use the YouTube Video)

* Fillable Eggs and Bunnies

* Bunny and Carrot Erasers (stickers would work, too!)

* That's not my Bunny book

One trick I use ALL THE TIME to make materials work for me is change the names and words in stories. Too Many Carrots talks about "Rabbit", but we just change it to bunny!

Throughout the story, we practice the words bunny and many (and both occur A LOT of times). We also talk about how it is a SUNNY day in the story.

Then we play! You can introduce a play activity with your fillables and mini erasers. I tell the student that an evil BUNNY stole another bunny's carrots (rude!). Inside each fillable is either a BUNNY or a carrot. The child can open a BUNNY or an egg (sometimes I like to have words that aren't ALL target words so it doesn't get to be *toomuch*.)

Once they open the fillable, they can say BUNNY or, once they have a few carrots, you can cue them to say MANY carrots. Once all of the eggs/bunnies are opened, we also talk about how we opened MANY items.

Therapy Ideas that are not pictured:

* Don't play with your food - a hilarious story about a monster who wants to eat bunnies

* Song - Little Bunny Foo Foo

* Movement Activity - Hop around like a bunny to music. Pause the music and say BUNNY before you begin hopping again.

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