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These are the ONLY Early Word Shape and Sounds Apraxia Drill Cards you will ever need! Over 300 cards in colour and in black/white!


This huge set of speech therapy flash cards includes cards for 9 early developing word shapes, exclamatory words, and functional words - perfect for your preschool students!


No more wasting time thinking of appropriate targets for your students. The large list features an array of commonly used words by small children (of course - use your clinical judgement to choose words that are most appropriate for each of your students).


This ULTIMATE product includes:

  • Re-usable Drill Card: Simply place any card on the drill card encourage multiple trials.
  • List of 20 Low-Prep Therapy Ideas
  • Master Word List (color and black and white)
  • Storage Ideas
  • Labels (with word list and without)
  • 340+ cards with a huge number of word shapes with the sounds: y w h p b t d m n k g f v s z:

* CV: 61

* VC: 27

* VCV: 3

* C1V1C2: 132

* C1V1C1: 20

* C1V1C2V1: 2

* C1V1C1V1: 16

* C1V1C1V2: 9

* C1V1C2V2: 23

* Functional Words 13

* Exclamatory Words: 24


Each card features clear and bold text and images. This versatile resource will quickly become your go-to when treating your students with Apraxia of Speech. Simply print, cut, and laminate cards!



  • You can use these cards for 'pre-practice'. They are a "no fuss way" to get in a lot of trials while TEACHING students exactly how to say a word and keeping the child's attention.
  • Once the student knows the target words and requires fewer cues, you can incorporate the words into PLAY!
  • You can use cards at the end of a session to squeeze in "justafewmore* productions.
  • Once a student is doing well with a set of words, they're super easy to send home to promote carryover in the home environment.⁣


**Please remember to use Principles of Motor Learning during therapy with kids with CAS. These cards are not meant for a "one-size-fits-all drill and kill". Rather, they are meant to help you get LOTS of trials of the functional words. Choose words from the list that are meaningful and motivating to your student.**

Apraxia of Speech Drill Cards for Early Word Shapes

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