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This word list was created to help busy SLPs, like you, save time while choosing targets for children with Apraxia. Thinking of words can be time consuming. Use this easy to use and comprehensive list to help you choose target words in a jiffy!


This word list includes:

  • a variety of word shapes: CV VC CVCV CVC
  • early developing sounds: w h p b t d m n k g f v s z
  • exclamatory words
  • functional words/phrases
  • carrier phrases
  • personal words


  • Interested in picture cards to correspond with this list (includes cards and word list)? Check out the Apraxia Drill Cards for Early Word Shapes.


Use this word list in combination with the Apraxia Homework Packet to save yourself even more time! You can send this home to help support your students, without taking up your precious time!

Apraxia of Speech Word List For Speech Therapy

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