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These no-prep one-page articulation activity sheets are perfect for the first few weeks of back to school, teletherapy, in-person therapy, and to send for summer speech therapy homework!


They are suitable for preschoolers, kindergarteners and early elementary students. They include a hands-on activity, a speech sound tally, cues, an I Spy activity, a self-rating scale, and a list of functional target words.


These articulation worksheets are comprehensive enough to use for an entire therapy session and detailed enough to send home.


Each sound sheet features:

  • target words to use in play and in every day situations
  • visual cues
  • verbal cues
  • a ‘hands-on’ activity 
  • I Spy activity
  • speech sound reminders
  • a self-rating scale
  • 50-production tally sheet

Simply pair with your favorite manipulatives, dry erase makers, or crayons and you are ready to go!


Includes TWENTY speech sounds:

  • h w p b t d m n k g f v s z ch sh j l r th (voiced+voiceless mixed)


There are three versions included:

  • a completed version that includes functional target words and speech sound cues.
  • a blank version that you can customize for each student (add cues, words, and pictures).
  • a blank version that does not include picture cues and sound nicknames


All versions are no-prep. Perfect for the busy SLP!


*This is NOT an editable PDF. You cannot add text to the PDF.**

One Page Articulation Sheets for Speech Therapy

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