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This Year Round Sensory Bin Kit for Speech Therapy can be used for seasonal themes (like fall, winter, and spring)holidays (like Christmas, Birthday, Ocean, Easter, Hanakkuh, and Valentine's Day), and year round themes (like Pets, Zoo, Ocean, and Farm).


This mega kit includes sensory bin pieces, "can you find" legend, and labels for 39 themes, as well as 12 open ended scenes and 5 visual supports for describing, speech sounds, and categorization.


Use these sensory bins with children of all ages to provide a hands on learning experience while targeting a variety of speech and language goals, such as expressive language, receptive language, and speech sounds. (Not sure how to target these goals with a sensory bin? I included a cheat sheet!)

Each theme has pieces that include people/animals, themed items, multiple items, and a location. These were very thoughtfully chosen so you can target a huge variety of goals. By using these manipulatives - you don't have to go searching for theme related objects (but if you already have them - you can toss them in your bin!)


Prepare the bins as mini version is perfect for the on the go therapist, the ink-saving SLP, or someone who doesn’t have a tonne of storage space. Alternatively, you can use the full page version. Another option is printing visuals and the scenes full page and using the mini sized manipulatives and labels (that’s what I do!).

There is also a list of 100 sensory bin fillers to save you time, as well as a planner to help you organize how you will create your sensory bins!


Need help figuring it out?

Check out this blog post and this Instagram Story where I show you EXACTLY how to make 16 themed mini sensory bins for less than 20 bucks!


Not sure what to target using Sensory Bins? Check out this blog post where I share a tonne of ideas!


Themes included are: Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Hannukah, Superheros, Transportation, Pumpkins, Pirates, Space, Beach, Mermaids, Snowmen, Gingerbread, Household, Camping, Ice Cream, Bugs, Weather, Food, Forest, Ocean, Zoo, Pets, Arctic, Farm, Post Office, School, Birthday, Dinosaurs, Sports, Unicorns, Princesses, Monsters.


Check out a free sample of a Donut and Cupcake bin!


If you love this and want MORE Sensory Bins, check out Sensory Bins 2.0 that features 40 different themes!


REMEMBER: You will need to download and print and prep the Paper Pieces shown in the pictures. There is no physical product mailed to you - this means you will NOT receive fillers or storage containers!

Themed Sensory Bins for Speech Therapy

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