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These are courses offered by Speech-Language Pathologist, Anna Dalziel. If you're thinking any of the following questions, thse courses are for you:

1) How can I help my child talk more? -> Check out The Language Rich Household.

2) How can I help kids in my classroom with speech and language development? --> Check out The Language Rich Preshcooler.

3) How can I PLAY in my speech therapy sessions? --> Check out the Play Based Speech Therapy Course.

This is an all in course for Pediatric Speech Language Pathologists. This Speech Therapy Course offers 15 Professional Development Hours and will leave you feeling confident and competent in using play to target articulation, early language, pre-language skills, expressive language, receptive language, and more! Decrease your prep time and increase engagement by using play with kids of all ages! Want to learn more? Check out the free webinar! 


This course is designed for teachers, Educational Assistants, and Speech-Language Pathologists who want to help 3, 4, and 5 year olds develop speech and language skills through implementing ideas and strategies in the classroom.


This online course for educators discusses speech and language milestones, when to make a referral, and gives you loads practical and effective tips and strategies for promoting speech and language in the classroom (and the handouts and resources to do so!).


This course is for parents, guardians, and anyone who wants to help preschoolers develop speech and language skills through using strategies and tips at home. This course is also help for SLPs who provide at-home sessions and consultations.


This online course for parents and caregivers is perfect for a busy lifestyle because everything suggested can be implementing in your daily life! It includes practical tips and tricks to use during daily routines and play to help build articulation, expressive language, and receptive language skills in children ages 3-5. 

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