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Top 100 Games and Toys for Preschool Speech Therapy

This is such a fun blog post! It's no secret that Speech Language Pathologists love using games and toys in therapy. Today, I am sharing a MASSIVE lists of preschool games and preschool toys that you can use to target a huge range of speech and language therapy goals. From interactive games to educational toys, I have curated a comprehensive list to help speech therapists, teachers, and parents create fun and impactful therapy sessions for preschoolers.

Whether you are targeting vocabulary, articulation, or receptive language, these games for kids and toys for kids are sure to be a hit! Let's dive into the exciting world of preschool speech therapy games and toys!

Benefits of Using Games and Toys in Speech Therapy

Incorporating games and toys into speech therapy sessions for preschoolers offers a LOADS of benefits beyond just making learning fun. These materials for speech therapy can help to increase engagement, motivation, and participation among young children, making the therapy process more effective and impactful. Kids love to play because play is what is natural to them.

By incorporating games and toys into our therapy sessions, therapists, teachers, and parents can create a dynamic and interactive learning environment that encourages communication development in a fun, meaningful, and engaging way. You can use also speech and language toys and game in a variety of settings - in group therapy, in home activities, or in individual sessions!

Criteria for Selecting Games and Toys for Preschool Speech Therapy

When you are picking games and toys for preschool speech therapy, it is important to consider a few things.

First and foremost, games and toys for preschool speech therapy should be age-appropriate and engaging for young children. It is essential that the activities capture the attention and interest of the preschoolers to keep them motivated and actively participating in the therapy sessions. This can help to maintain their enthusiasm for learning and communication development. Choosing games and toys that appeal to most young children is a great way to keep your therapy closet from overflowing with a bunch of dud toys and games you never use!

Secondly, the games and toys selected should be versatile and adaptable to different skill levels and learning styles. This allows therapists, teachers, and parents to customize the activities based on the unique needs and abilities of each child. By providing a variety of options that cater to different preferences and learning approaches, the therapy sessions can be more inclusive and effective for all preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Thirdly, games and toys with lots of pieces help you get LOTS of trials! Even though they might take a minute to clean up -it's worth it! (Tip: Play on a blanket for easy clean up! Just lift the blanket and dump the piece back into your container/box.)

Considering these criteria when choosing games and toys for preschool speech therapy can help create a supportive and stimulating environment for young children to practice their speech and language skills.

How to Incorporate Games and Toys into Speech Therapy Sessions

When it comes to incorporating games and toys into speech therapy sessions, there are a few key principles to keep in mind.

First, consider the specific speech or language goals you are working on. Choose games or toys that are loaded with the target sound/goal AND/OR make word lists featuring your speech therapy targets to refer to during play. If you need help with coming up with functional articulation word lists or thinking of sound loaded games, make sure to check out my Play Based Articulation Handbook! It has units for each sound, as well as LOADS of information.

Second, decide if you want to target goals through play or in a drill-like way. Both have their place in speech therapy rooms. If you are looking for help targeting goals in play, check out the Play Based Speech Therapy Course. If you are looking for some Toy and Game Companions for drill, check out this massive set in my TPT store!

Third, don't pick something with crazy complicated rules. We want the speech therapy activity to be engaging - not overwhelming. The child has to be able to focus on their speech and language goal and not be too focused on the intricate rules of the game.

By following these guidelines, you can seamlessly integrate games and toys into your speech therapy sessions to make learning fun and effective for your 3, 4, and 5 year olds. For more resources and tips on how to enhance your speech therapy sessions, continue reading below.

The following section highlights the top 100 games and toys that I think meet this criteria and I frequently use for preschool speech therapy sessions.

Before you continue, remember that you don't need ALL the games and toys! You can use the same game/toy to target LOADS of goals. This list is just to give you ideas - not to make you feel like you need to stock up your Amazon cart.

Top 100 Toys and Games for Preschool Speech Therapy

These carefully selected toys and games are FUN and ENGAGING! I have sorted them by different categories, like fine motor, opening toys, and pop up toys.

Fine Motor Games and Toys for Speech Therapy:

These are games and toys that help fine motor dexterity. Consider the child's fine motor abilities before choosing a game, Remember, we don't want the game to be so hard that the child is overwhelmed and can't practice their speech target.

  • Mr. Potato Head: A favorite with all preschoolers! Build different characters.

  • Animal Upon Animal: Stack the animals as high as you can in the fun speech therapy game. This game is a little tricky, so I recommend it for kids ages 5 and up.

  • Avalanche Fruit Stand: Use the tongs to remove the fruit from the fruit stand.

  • Honeybee Tree: Pull out the leaves and collect the bees the fall.

  • Yeti in my Spaghetti: Pull out spaghetti noodles and don't let the Yeti fall.

  • Don’t Spill the Beans: Place all your beans on the balance without knocking it over. First person to get ride of all their beans, wins!

  • Fishing Games: Catch the fish using a rod. The person who has the most fish, wins.

  • Playdough: Pinch and roll different creations.

  • Melissa and Doug Magentic Bug Game Puzzle: Pull the bugs up usig the magnetic rod.

  • Mr. Mouth: Flip the flies into the frog's mouth. The person who gets the most flies in his mouth, wins!

  • Jumpin’ Monkeys by Pressman: Be the first player to catapult all 4 of your monkeys into the tree and get a bunch of bananas. When all the bananas are gone, the player with the most wins!

Pop Up Games and Surprise Games for Speech Therapy:

In all of these games, the child either pulls something out, puts something on, or puts something in to make the toy pop, chomp, or jump (some of the games do other fun actions). These games for speech therapy are quick and give you loads of trials. Kids LOVE These games and I even use them with my 6, 7, and 8 year olds.

  • Shark Bite by Goliath Games: Pull the fish out of his mouth before he snaps. Perfect for an ocean, shark, or fish theme.

  • Beware of Bear by Goliath Games: Get all the snacks before the bear wakes up and jumps. I use this for a forest, bear, picnic, and food theme.

  • Dino Crunch by Goliath Games: Get the dinosaur eggs before he jumps.

  • Inky’s Fortune by Mattel: Take Inky's games without waking him

  • Rattlesnake Jake by Goliath Games: Take as much gold as you can before the snake lunges.

  • Greedy Granny: Granny doesn't want to share! Grab as many snacks as you can before she wakes up and loses her teeth.

  • Barbeque Party: Grill all your food before the BBQ pops!

  • Smack n’ Snack: Spin the wheel and put your treats in to the vending machine. Then give it a whack and press down on top to see if your treats pop back out! The monsters will jump out! Whoever has the most points when the monsters attack, wins!

  • Burpin’ Bobby: Feed Bobby the different food before he burps. (Kids LOVE the green burp!)

  • Buckaroo: Put all the items on the horse before he bucks.

  • Chompin’ Charlie by Goliath Games: Take turns feeding Charlie acorns until he jumps!

  • Jumpin’ Jack by Goliath Games: Take turns pulling out carrots and sorting them into your baskets until he jumps.

  • Catch the Fox by Goliath Games: Keep adding chickens to the fox's pants before his pants fall off!

  • Pop Up Pig by Goliath Games: Feed the pig burgers and push his head until his belly pops.

  • Trash Stash by Goliath Games: Be the first player to get rid of all your trash pieces without making the truck upchuck to win.

  • Pop Rocket by Goliath Games: Catch the most stars when the rocket pops to win the game!

  • Grumpy Grandpa by Goliath Games: Flip the channel before

  • Grouch Couch by Goliath Games: Take turns feeding the couch treats. He might grumble, chomp, burp and (hopefully) eat your treats! When he does, he'll spit out Lost Goodies.

  • Banana Blast by Goliath Games: Take turns pulling out bananas until he jumps.

  • Pop up Pirate by Tomy: Take turns putting in swords until he jumps.

  • Sneak a Treat by Goliath Games: Grab as many treats as you can before the monster leaps.

  • Picky Kitty by Goliath Games: Give the kitty veggies but be careful - he'll flip the plate if there's too many!

  • Crocodile Dentist: Take turns pushing the croc's teeth. If he snaps on your turn, you lose.

  • Spirit Stackin’ Apples: Stack the apples on Spirit's nose. Whoever's apples he eats most of - wins!

  • Doggie Do: Squeeze the dog leash and make the doggie make a gassy sound. He's getting closer and closer to a doggie doo. (gross but kids think it's hilarious)

  • Gobble Monster: Get all the toys of of his tongue before he eats them.

  • Dumpster Diver: Get the snacks out of the dumpster before the racoon jumps out!

  • Orangutwang: Load up the Orangutang's vine before he jumps up!

Cooperative Games for Speech Therapy: Cooperative games are awesome games for therapy groups. The kids work together to win as a team! Cooperative games can eliminate stress, builds self-esteem, and teaches kids that playing together can be fun.

  • Bug in a Rug by Peaceable Kingdom: Players work together to get all the little colorful bugs under the rug before the three stink bugs stink up the place

  • Stone Soup by Peaceable Kingdom: Players work together to “cook” a soup by making matches of ingredients before the fire goes out. This is a great game for s blends!

  • Lemonade Shake Up by Peaceable Kingdom: Work together to shake up those lemonade drinks, serve those thirsty customers and fill your money jar!

  • Dinosaur Escape by Peaceable Kingdom: Find all three lost dinosaur tokens and move them and their matching dinosaur movers safely onto Dinosaur Island before the volcano has been built and everyone wins!

  • Hoot Hoot Owl by Peaceable Kingdom: Get all the owls to the nest before the sun rises.

  • Mermaid Island by Peaceable Kingdom: Work together to get all the mermaids ot the island before the witch gets there.

  • Feed the Woozle by Peaceable Kingdom: Work together to feed the Woozle 12 snacks before there are no snacks left!

Race Games for Speech Therapy: In these fast action games, you have to be the first to complete a task. I love these games for kids ages 3-7 because the rules are so simple. There are also the perfect therapy group games!

  • Litter Bugs: Get rid of all your garbage without collecting too many bugs.

  • Dash Hounds: Make your dog bigger and bigger. Be the first to cross the finish line with your tail and win!

  • Donut Dash: Catch the donuts from the Donut Driver. Be the first to fill your donut box to win!

  • Grocery GO Karts: The first shopper to get all of the items on their list and reach Checkout wins! Kids love launching the groceries off of their cart at the end of the game.

  • Candy Land Castle: Be the first to fill your Gingerbread Person with shapes to win!

  • Fire Fightin’ Frenzy by Goliath Games: Race around the room putting out all the fires. Be the first player to put out all your flames to win.

  • Barnyard Bingo: Be the first to fill your card with banyard animals to win!

  • Ants in the Pants by Playskool: Be first to get all the ants into the dog's pants. This is a great game for your speech therapy s targets!

  • Looping’ Louis: Save your chickens from keeping hit by Louis. The player with the most chickens wins!

  • Hungry Hippos: Push and race to see who can get the most balls for their hippo. My kindergarten students love this game the MOST!

Games with Rules for Speech Therapy:

  • Pengaloo by Blue Orange: Be the first to fill your iceberg with eggs to win.

  • Shelby’s Snack Shack by Educational Insights: Help Shelby find the bones she buried into the beach. Collect the bones to win!

  • Sneaky Snacky Squirrel by Educational Insights: Find the acorns for the squirrel. The first person to fill their colroed stump with acorns, wins!

  • Sophie's Seashell Scramble by Educational Insights: Help find all the seashells. The person not find a shell of each shape, wins!

  • Hide n’ Go Moo by Learning Resources: Take turns reaching into the barn and guessing what animal you have. Try to match the baby to the mama animal.

  • Lucky Ducks by Hasbro: Players take turns picking up a duck and looking at the color and shape; if it matches their color and shape they get to keep the duck. If it doesn't match they put it back. Be the first to find three that match and win!

  • Hi Ho Cherry-O: Choose a colored bucket and put 10 cherries on the tree that’s the same color. Spin the spinner on your turn and do what it lands on, like picking cherries from your tree or putting them back. Pick all 10 cherries from your tree to win the game!

  • Unicorn Glitterluck by Haba: Players start by choosing a colored unicorn and placing their piece on the big blue rain cloud. The player who reaches the sun cloud with the most cloud crystals is the winner.

  • Dragon Snacks by Goliath Games: Help the dragon get rid of his tummy ache by matching the snacks to the color of his nose! Kids love waving their hand infant of he dragon’s nose to see what color snack to pull out!

Sorting Toys for Speech Therapy: These toys includes LOTS of pieces that can be sorted by color or size. These preschool toys are great for color recognition, matching, sorting, counting, and early math skills. You can also work on concepts same/different and more/less. If you choose one of the toys that features your target sound - you will also easily get LOADS of articulation trials.

  • Attribute Apples by Learning Resources: This set includes different size apples with different colors and attributes.

  • Oodles of Aliens by Learning Resources: Sort the aliens by color and size.

  • Birds in a Nest by Learning Resources: Sort the birds into their nests.

  • Fishbowl Friends by Learning Resources: This is the CUTEST set and includes colorful fishbowls and sea animals that match the color and number.

  • Mini Muffin Match Up by Learning Resources: This set has SO many little colorful muffins and a tin for you to sort them into. Perfect for a baking theme.

  • Sorting Surprise Pirate Treasure by Learning Resources: Your students will love putting the colored coins in the the same colored chest and then using the key to pen them up!

Pretend Play Toys for Speech Therapy: These are all amazing for pretend play for toddlers and preschoolers. The options are endless for play!

  • Birthday Cake Set

  • Toy Airplane

  • Toy Bus

  • Slice and Bake Cookies by Melissa and Doug

  • Fisher Price Zoo

  • Toy Barn

  • Ice Cream Toy

  • Toy Cars

  • Critter Clinic

Opening and Surprise Toys for Speech Therapy: I LOVE using these types of toys during my sessions of speech therapy for toddlers. Kids love the element or surprise. These toys allow students to hide toys in other items. You can use these toys as a speech therapy activity for your 2, 3, 4, and 5 year olds! They are also great for a huge variety of speech therapy themes.

  • Peekaboo Birds by Learning Resources: This set comes with birds and bird houses. Perfect for a spring or animal theme.

  • Babysaurs by Learning Resources: This set comes with igloos and polar animals. Perfect for an arctic or winter theme.

  • Peek a Boo Barns by Learning Resources: This set comes with barns and farm animals. Perfect for a farm theme.

  • Rock ’n’ Gem Surprise by Learning Resources: This set comes with rocks and jewels. Perfect for a pirate or dinosaur theme.

  • Peekaboo Jungle by Learning Resources: This set comes with trees and jungle animals. Perfect for a zoo or jungle theme.

  • Polar Animals by Learning Resources: This set comes with igloos and polar animals. Perfect for an arctic or winter theme.

  • All About Me Sorting Neighborhood Set by Learning Resources: This set comes with people and houses. Perfect for a community or all about me theme.

  • Sorting Surprise Picnic Baskets by Learning Resources: This set comes with baskets and food. Perfect for a picnic or food theme.

Timed Games for Speech Therapy: These are games that you need to do things faster than the other people playing the game. Kids love this type of game and I personally love these type of games for preschool kids. They are also great speech therapy games for groups!

  • One Trick Pony by Goliath Games: Take turns putting your hand through the spinning lasso and see how many animals you can herd up before the time runs out! Get the most animals to win!

  • Pancake Pile Up by Educational Insights: Teams take turns piling up the pancakes without them falling.

  • Windy Knickers by Goliath Games: Put all the items on the line. Get four of the same color on the clothesline to win. Look out for the wind.

  • Pizza Panic: Get all 25 toppings on the pizza before the timer runs out and the pizza pops!

  • Wiggly Worms: Grab as many worms as you can before the timer is up.

Gross Motor Toys for Speech Therapy:

  • Bowling Pins: Set up a d ifun bowling game for your students to get them moving. I have used this activity with kids as young as 2 years old!

If you're looking for some preschool coloring pages and speech therapy crafts to extend your play with these toys and games, make sure to check out my No Prep Game and Toy Craft Sheets.

I love using these No Prep Craft Sheets for Games and Toys when I have a few extra minutes after finishing a game/toy and the session being over. These easy activities fill those few minutes (but of course they can be used for longer)!

I don’t own all 100 games and toys (I would be shocked if someone did) SO I made them super open ended. You can use them even if you don’t own the toy/game! Pair them with your favorite book or themed activity.

You can use them to:

☀️ Review or introduce vocabulary that occurs during play with that toy/game

☀️ Explain the game rules before playing the game

☀️ Use after you play to fill in the last few minutes of your session

☀️ Color images to match toy/game set up

☀️ Use as a drill game companion (place game pieces on the corresponding images)

☀️ Pair with a story book

☀️ Use as a barrier activity (just print two copies)

☀️ Target goals in a play based way (includes cheat sheet with ideas)

☀️ Match toys/game pieces to the images on the sheet

☀️ Hide images in opening toys and then complete the craft

☀️ Use with favorite songs for hands on fun

☀️ Use for simple carryover or easy homework

Incorporating games and toys into your preschool speech therapy sessions can bring some serious fun into your therapy sessions! Whether you are a speech therapist, teacher, or parent, these engaging tools will make therapy sessions both enjoyable and effective. Remember, every game played and every toy explored provides opportunities to build strong speech and language skills in our little ones. Let's make speech therapy sessions a fun and transformative journey for our preschoolers using these speech language pathology games and toys!

Snag a list of these games and toys (and a free sample of the Game and Toy Craft Sheets), by signing up for my email list!


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