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Top Books for Preschool Monster Themed Speech Therapy Sessions

Looking for Monster Themed books for speech therapy? Look no further! There are so many fun and engaging activities that you can do using books with your preschool and early elementary students.

Monsters is a fun and versatile theme to use during October and the weeks after Halloween. with your preschool and kindergarten students.

Keep reading for a MASSIVE list of Monster Books that your students are going to love!

These are my FAVORITE books for a Monster Themed Speech Therapy session! They are engaging and playful - a must for books for preschoolers. You can listen to them on YouTube (just search the book tittle) or purchase at a local book store! For more information on how to use books in Speech Therapy, check out this blog.

  • 10 creepy monsters

  • A monster is eating this book

  • Brave Little Monster

  • Color Monster

  • Don’t play with your food

  • Don’t push the button

  • Eat Pete

  • Go away big green monster

  • Hey! That’s my monster

  • How I met my monster

  • How to catch a monster

  • I need my monster

  • Icky sticky monster

  • I wanna cookie!

  • If you’re a monster and you know it it

  • If your monster won’t go to bed

  • Is that you, monster

  • Leonardo the terrible monster

  • Little Shop of Monsters

  • Love monster

  • Monster at the end of this book

  • Monster boogie

  • Monster party

  • Monster Trouble

  • Monsters don’t eat broccoli

  • Monsters love underpants

  • My monster mommy

  • Perfect little monster

  • Shake a Leg

  • The big red rock

  • The Gruffalo

  • The little old lady who wasn’t afraid of anything

  • The monster Mac and cheese party

  • There was an old monster

  • Tickle monster

  • Where the wild things are

I hope this list helps you plan some fun and easy speech therapy sessions!

If you want more Monster Themed Therapy ideas, check out this blog! I share games, toys, and other fun activities you can do with your preschoolers!

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