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7 Free S-Blend Activities for Speech Therapy

If you are a Speech-Language Pathologist, chance are the you have worked on s blends with your students. Cluster reduction is process that really impacts a child's intelligibility! If you are looking for some s blends worksheets, s blends pictures, or games for speech therapy that are free - you are in the right place.

I have put together my top 7 free s-blend activities for speech therapy.

1) One easy way to target s-blends is to find an activity that is loaded with words with s blends! Any activity that involves snow, snowmen, skating, or swimming will be fill with s blends. You could also use a sensory bin and see if you can 'spot' different items (you could also do this with a look and find book).

2) An easy print - and - go s blend activity is this sound loaded scene and smash mat.You can snag this by subscribing to my email address (you'll also get access to a tonne of other freebies). Simply print and go!

3) Do a cutting craft and 'snip' the paper. Say 'snip' each time you open/close the scissors.

4) Use stickers and paper (bonus if the stickers are of s-blend items!). Practice the word 'sticker' when you take it off the sheet and find a 'spot' for it on your paper.

5) This color by code s blend worksheet is a great way to get some fine motor practice and speech practice in and it's free!

6) There are many games for speech therapy that are loaded with s-blends. For example, Sneaky Snacky Squirrel (snack, squirrel, spin) and Feed the Woozle (spin, snack, spoon) both are loaded with speech sounds you can target naturally within the game. (Not sure how to target speech sounds in play? Make sure to check out the Ultimate Play Based Speech Therapy Course, which teaches you EXACTLY how to do so - and so much more!).

7) Play "I Spy". You can play this game by looking at a book, going outside, or playing in your therapy room. To get extra productions - make sure the thing you spy is an s-blend (e.g. spoon, spider, speaker). I love using Sound Loaded Scenes and Pictures to play this game because you get SO many trials.


8) Do an open-ended craft! You might not think that there are a lot of s blend words that occur during a craft - but there are! Snip, spot and stick are just a few of the s blend words you can target during a simple craft. My favorite way to do an open ended craft is to lay out some child friendly scissors, stickers, crayons, and construction paper. Let the child's imagination go wild - you'll love to see what they create.

I hope you found these ideas for s-blends helpful! Make sure to save to Pinterest so you can refer back later!

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