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Play Based Articulation Activities for the K Sound

Attention speech therapists: Are you seeking dynamic and effective strategies to enhance articulation skills in your young clients, specifically targeting the 'k' sound? Look no further!

Our comprehensive list offers a treasure trove of play-based articulation ideas tailored to engage and motivate your students! From interactive games to imaginative activities, each suggestion is carefully crafted to make learning enjoyable and impactful. Dive into our expert-curated resource and unlock a world of creative techniques to elevate your therapy sessions and PLAY while teaching and practicing the 'k' sound!

Movement Idea:

  • WALK LIKE AN ANIMAL: Get pictures of animals (or just name them) and then say, “walk like a _______“.  Animal ideas: camel, chicken, kangaroo, peacock, cat, donkey, coyote, cow, chipmunk, caterpillar, crab, cobra.

Fine Motor Idea:

  • CUTTING: Cut strips of paper and say ‘cut’ while you are cutting. Talk about what you are making and make sure to be careful!

Dramatic Play Idea:

  • BAKERY: Set up a bakery. You and your students can make cookies and cupcakes, cut them, bake them, and decorate them. Put sprinkles on them, “lick” the spoon, and look at them. Serve your customers and make sure to take cash and coins for payment! Don’t forget a cup of milk or coffee!

Sensory Bin Idea:

  • COLORFUL BIN: Make a bin that is filled with a variety of colors! Don’t forget to include pink items! You can take turns looking and peeking for different items. Take the items out and sort them by color. Take turns asking “what color?”.

A sensory bin filled with colorful items

Books with the K Sound:

  • Peck, Peck, Peck: peck, clever, book, skirt, sink, think, fantastic

  • Five Little Monkeys: monkey, doctor, called

  • If you Give a Cat a Cupcake: cat, cupcake,  sprinkles, clean, take, sandcastle, pick, climb, ask

  • Mmm, Cookies: whack, plunk, sprinkle, clay, scritch, yuck, covered, class

  • Stir, Crack, Whisk, Bake: crack, whisk, bake, cupcakes, counter, mix, cake, kiss

  • Little Blue Truck: cow, wink, truck, croak, oink, cluck, duck, course, chick, stuck, scrambled

  • Kiss the Cow!: kiss, cow, called, curious, curving, squeaked, silky, milk, thank, drank, took

  • One Duck Stuck: duck, stuck, muck, squishy, can, clomp, crickets, creaky, croaky, six, skunks, crawl, slink

  • Duck! Rabbit!: duck, talk, carrot, quack, cooling, drink, binoculars

  • The Cow that Went Oink!: cow, oink, moink, mook, oink-ha

Toys and Games for the K Sound:

  • Melissa and Doug Cookie Set: cut, cookie, bake, sprinkles, color, keep, candy, chocolate

  • Critter Clinic: lock, key, peek, look, take, knock, pick, color

  • Melissa and Doug Ice Cream Shop Set: cone, candy, chocolate, cup, cash, scoop, sprinkles

  • Shark Bite: shark, color, quick, catch, stick, scary, sneaky

  • Lucky Ducks: look, duck, peek, color, quack, ducky, catch, quick

K Words for Play Based Articulation Therapy

Key, King, Cash, Cup, Cake, Cat, Candy, Breakfast, Back Pack, Cookie, Bicycle, Book, Block, Park, Track, Music, Rock, Keep, Count, Color, Cut, Practice, Bake, Talk, Look, Like, Lock, Knock, Peek, Walk, Lick, Take, Make, Stick, Pick, Colorful, Quickly, Quiet, Complete, Clean, Cold, Kind, Cute, Cool, Yucky, Sneaky, Sparkly, Broken, Icky, Pink, Thick, Stuck, Black

Want a copy of these ideas (and more!)? Download the free sample from the Play Based Articulation handbook! Includes the K unit word list, low prep activity ideas with detailed instructions, dramatic play ideas, gross motor ideas, fine motor ideas, and game/toy/books/songs suggestions!

Also includes a cheat sheet for Play Based Articulation using a Toy Farm! 


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