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Activities for Speech Therapy for R Words

There are so many fun speech therapy activities that you can use to target r in articulation therapy. All of these activities are full of the r sound! This makes it so easy to get a tonne of trials during play.

I have listed some of of my favorite games, toys, songs, and books that you can use in your speech sound therapy sessions. I have even included an r word lists that you can use with a huge variety of therapy activities!


All of these games have a bunch of naturally occurring r words!

  • Beware of Bear: Beware, Bear, Careful, Grumpy, Danger, Dare

  • Racoon Rumpus: Ready, Racoon, Dress, Shirt, Turn, Roll, Green, Purple, Rainbow, Underwear, Remember

  • Greedy Granny: Granny, Treats, Greedy, Pretzel, Cracker, Arrow


  • Too Many Carrots: Carrot, Rabbit, Carry, Problem, Proud, Burrow, Crowded, Tortoise, Tree, Squirrel

  • Roar: Roar, Dear, Right, Rabbit, Squirrel, Playground, Terrible, Ran

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Hungry, Caterpillar, Butterfly

  • Little Red Riding Hood: Red, Riding, Grandma, Forest, Treats

  • The Gruffalo: Gruffalo, Forest, Terrible, Clever, Brown, Favorite,

  • Bear Wants More: Bear, More, Roots, Fresh, Grass, Hungry, Crunch, Gopher, Surprise, Raven, Party, Snore


  • Mermaid Theme Sensory Bin: Mer