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Activities for Speech Therapy for R Words

There are so many fun speech therapy activities that you can use to target r in articulation therapy. All of these activities are full of the r sound! This makes it so easy to get a tonne of trials during play.

I have listed some of of my favorite games, toys, songs, and books that you can use in your speech sound therapy sessions. I have even included an r word lists that you can use with a huge variety of therapy activities!


All of these games have a bunch of naturally occurring r words!

  • Beware of Bear: Beware, Bear, Careful, Grumpy, Danger, Dare

  • Racoon Rumpus: Ready, Racoon, Dress, Shirt, Turn, Roll, Green, Purple, Rainbow, Underwear, Remember

  • Greedy Granny: Granny, Treats, Greedy, Pretzel, Cracker, Arrow


  • Too Many Carrots: Carrot, Rabbit, Carry, Problem, Proud, Burrow, Crowded, Tortoise, Tree, Squirrel

  • Roar: Roar, Dear, Right, Rabbit, Squirrel, Playground, Terrible, Ran

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Hungry, Caterpillar, Butterfly

  • Little Red Riding Hood: Red, Riding, Grandma, Forest, Treats

  • The Gruffalo: Gruffalo, Forest, Terrible, Clever, Brown, Favorite,

  • Bear Wants More: Bear, More, Roots, Fresh, Grass, Hungry, Crunch, Gopher, Surprise, Raven, Party, Snore


  • Mermaid Theme Sensory Bin: Mermaid, Rock, Starfish, Coral, Water

  • Arctic Theme Sensory Bin: Green. Artic Fox, Fur, Tree, Reindeer, Polar Bear, Feather, Warm

  • Dinosaur Sensory Bin: Dinosaur, Roar, Green, Run, Rock, T- Rex

  • Monster Sensory Bin: Monster, Green, Arm, Scary

All of these sensory bins are included in my Thematic Sensory Bin Product!


  • Counting Surprise Party: Present, Green, Robot, Guitar, Dinosaur, Purple

  • Transformers: Transform, Megatron, Optimums Prime, Red, Car, Truck, Drive

  • Barbies: Barbie, Girl, Dress, Friend, Hair, Skipper, Brush

  • Toy Farm: Tractor, Barn, Red, Farm, Horse, Farmer, Rooster

  • Dinosaurs and Tape: Tape Dinosaurs to a cookie sheet and Rescue them: Rescue, Dinosaur, Roar, Ready, Four, Rip


  • Race - Don’t Drop: Place a bean bag (RED ideal!) on a spoon. Make sure each PLAYER has one. RACE to the finish line but make sure not to DROP your RED bean bag


  • Hide Cards: Hide your CARDS in the DARK. Use a flashlight to find them! Make sure to GRAB them when you find them!

  • Memory: Can you REMEMBER WHERE your CARD is?

Need some articulation cards? Check these out!


  • Flower Shop: Set up a pretend flower shop. Use dollar store FLOWERS, pretend DOLLARS, and a cash REGISTER. Don't forget RIBBON and WATERING CAN!


  • Use this Sound Loaded Scene of a Flower Shop that allows CUSTOMERS to go the FLOWER STORE and PURCHASE all kinds of beautiful flowers. (There resource includes a scene for each English Consonant sound!)

Here is a list of functional words that you can incorporate into any of your speech therapy activities to target r.

Ready, Red, Race, Rip, Run, Roll, Sorry, Rain, Read, Fork, Shirt, Cereal, Carry, Story, Car, More, Share, Wear, Before, Super, Teacher, Care, Far, Hair, Player, Here, Door

I hope you are able to incorporate some of these activities into your preschool and school speech therapy sessions. Your students will love practicing in these fun and natural activities!

Interested in more play based articulation therapy ideas? Make sure to download this free K Unit from the Play Based Articulation Handbook!

Includes the K unit word list, low prep activity ideas with detailed instructions, dramatic play ideas, gross motor ideas, fine motor ideas, and game/toy/books/songs suggestions!

Also includes a cheat sheet for Play Based Articulation using a Toy Farm! 


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