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The Ultimate List of the Best Toys for Speech Therapy

As a Pediatric Speech Therapist, these toys are at the top of my Speech Therapy Wish List this Christmas Season! (Yes, I ask for toys for Christmas!)

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “what should I buy the 2 year old on my Christmas List” or “what toys can I use with the 3 year olds on my caseload”. Well, I have included a mega list of toys that can be used in speech therapy with preschoolers (and even early elementary students ) or played with at home all year long!

Even if you don’t snag any of these toys, remember that toys that help with speech and language:

  1. Have no batteries

  2. Allow the child does the work - not the toy

  3. Are Open Ended (Meaning it can be used many ways)

I have separated my favorite toys for kids into seven categories. These 7 Toy Categories are discussed in great detail in the Play Based Speech Therapy Course - we teach you exactly HOW to use them in therapy!

The Categories are: Building Toys, Puzzles, Critter Clinic, Figurines, Play Scenes, Surprise Toys, Toy Food. These Speech Therapy Toys are staples in my therapy room because they are easy to find (most toys can be found at Target, Walmart, or on Amazon), affordable, and they are toys that kids love them! You can do a quick Google search and find these toys in your area!

Top Building Toys for Speech Therapy:

Building toys are any toys that encourage a child to create something! They can be actual toys or things that you find around the house! Things like popsicle sticks, toothpicks, sticks and rocks can all be building toys!

Magformers: Perfect for creating homes for animals, garages for cars, buildings and towers!

Bristle Blocks: One of my favorite speech therapy toys for Early Intervention because they are sturdy, encourage pretend play, and easy to build with.

Lego: Lego is such a popular toy for kids of all ages. You can use Duplo with younger students and use Lego with your older students. I prefer to use a mix of random Lego pieces, rather than a “kit” so students can really let their imaginations go wild!

Plus Plus Blocks: These are great for older students