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How to use Learning Resources Counting Surprise Toys in Speech Therapy

If you want to get the most out of the popular speech therapy toy, Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party, you’re going to want to keep reading! The reason this is a top speech therapy toy is because Speech Therapists can use this versatile toy with toddlers, preschoolers kindergarteners, and early elementary students to target a huge variety of speech and language goals in a play based or structured way!

  • Pronouns: Give the presents or the toys to different puppets or figurines.

  • Describing: Take turns talking about what you found in each item. I like to use visuals to remind my students all the different ways we can talk about an item.

  • Wh- Questions: Ask the student who, what, when questions about the item they found. You can even sort them using pictures of where the items belong (e.g. teapot in the kitchen, bear in the toy room).

  • Possessive ’s: Give the gifts or toys to different people and talk about who it belongs to (e.g. the doll’s).

  • Spatial Concepts: Have the student find an item in a particular area or place the item on a picture in a specific place.

  • Rhyming Activity: Name an item that rhymes with the toy inside (e.g. robot -> pot)

  • Categorizing: Create a fun category game by sorting the items into the category they belong to (e.g. toys, animals, kitchen items).

  • Speech Sounds: Pair with a high trial mat or open ended sheet to practice a target word prior to opening a gift.

  • Story Retell: Read a book about giving or receiving presents and retell the story using the gifts and toys. You can download a HUGE free list of these books that pair well with this toy by signing up for my email list! Link below!

Since this toy is so versatile, it is also perfect to use for group speech therapy activities. This toy is also perfect to pair with a variety of speech therapy themes like Christmas, Birthday, or Valentine’s Day.

If you are looking for a Toy Companion to use with your Counting Surprise Learning Resources Toy, you might want to check this out!

You will be able to print this resource and immediately use it to target a HUGE variety of goals - with no prep! Easily get the MOST of your toy - and use year round!


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