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7 Fun ways to play with Plastic Easter Eggs in Speech Therapy

Using opening eggs in speech therapy is one of my go to speech therapy activities! Opening toys can be found at Dollar Stores, Walmart, and on Amazon. While these are usually thought of Spring time speech therapy toys, you can use them all year long! Toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten, and even early elementary students love that element of surprise.

Here are 7 fun activities for speech and language therapy you can do with your opening eggs (or any shape of opening toy!).

Pair with a "That's Not My book". Hide items that have the same textures as the story.

  • Hide game pieces in the eggs and hide the eggs around the room. This will really extend your activity time!

  • Pair the eggs with Little People or figurines. Follow the child's lead as they sort, open, and distribute the eggs and items.

  • Stand the eggs on egg stands (used for drying eggs) and hit them with a ball popper.