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How to Use a Fly Swatter in Speech Therapy

This preschool speech therapy activity is so easy - and so fun!

Pairing a fly swatter with bugs is a sure way to bring some giggles (and movement!) to your preschool and kindergarten students. This activity goes perfectly with a spring theme or bug theme.

All you need is a fly swatter and some paper bugs, articulation cards, or plastic bugs!

Simply place the bugs all over the therapy room - up high, on the floor, under objects - anywhere and everywhere! Give your student a fly swatter and have them “swat” the bugs!

You could also use this in tele-therapy by placing the bugs on the wall behind you and having the child tell you which bug to swat (remember - kids love telling adults what to do!).

Here are some goals you can target with this activity:

🌈 s-blends: There are a tonne of s-blend words you can practice: swat, spider, smack, swatter, spots, stripes.

🌈 Verbs and verb tenses: An easy way to incorporate verbs is to use different actions while moving between bugs! Some verbs you can target in this activity are: swat, run, hop, crouch, duck, wave, find, and hide.

🌈 Prepositions: Have the student find the bug in a particular spot or ask them to tell you where they found the bug.

🌈 Following directions: have the student place the bugs in the way you ask them.

🌈 Giving directions: Have the student tell you which bugs to swat.

🌈 Describing: Name 2-5 features of each bug that you swat.

🌈 Negation: Use a variety of bugs! Talk about which ones DON’T have strips, spots, wings, legs, or antennae.

I hope you are able to use this easy and low prep therapy activity with your students!

In case you're wondering... the bugs featured in the picture are from my Repetitive and Interactive Stories.

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