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How to use Counters in Speech Therapy

You'll find counters in elementary math classes but have you considered using them in therapy? You can use them to target so many speech and language goals. They are a great alternative to mini objects because they are easy to find and you get SO many of them. They also come in a variety of themes!

Your students will love the hands on ways that you can use this speech therapy toy. I have used them with toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary students. Here are my favorite ways to incorporate these toys into your speech and language therapy sessions.

Sort the items by color or type:

This is a fun and easy speech therapy activity that you can do in any therapy session. You can pair your counters with post its, felt houses, or colourful bowls. I don't know what it is about this simple activity for speech, but kids love it. Target requesting, articulation, following directions, concepts same, different, more, and less.

Use as sensory bin fillers and in Suprise Toys: These are a great sensory bin filler because you get SO many of them in a tub! Your preschool and early elementary students will love digging through the sensory bin and finding the Counters. You can also hide them in opening toys (bonus if they're the same theme, but they don't need to be).

Looking for Sensory Bins for Speech Therapy? Make sure to check out my Big bundles of Sensory Bins - each bundle has over 30+ themes each!

Pair with Interactive Scenes for Speech Therapy: You can print two copies of a scene and use as barrier game or you can simply create different scenes and situations with your counters.

You can work on spatial concepts, following directions, and so much more.

I have a huge bundle of Speech Therapy Interactive Scenes (that includes loads of visuals). Check them out here.

Play Memory

Place them under bowls and cups and try to find pairs. You could also just place items under the bowls and place them around the room for a fun and engaging gross motor activity! This is an easy way to target verbs, verb tenses, and get all those little legs moving!

Fill the Bowl Gross Motor Activity

Take two bowls. Fill one with counters and leave one empty. Place them on opposite sides of the room. Have the student take one at a time to the other side of he room. Make sure to practice your target for each turn! You can pair this with Articulation Cards or target goals naturally through play!

Use with High Trial Sheets:

These High Trial Sheets provide ample opportunity for your students to practice their target. Simply pair with the goal strips and have your student say their target each time they cover one of the items on the page.

My Themed High Trial Sheets have hundreds of sheets and loads of goals to mix and match!

If you're wondering where to get some Counters for yourself - check out Amazon, Education Stores, or Zullily. Learning Resources makes my favourite ones!

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