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Mega List of Free Speech Therapy Resources

I have put together a HUGE list of free speech therapy materials that you can download and use today. If you’re a busy SLP on a tight budget - you’ll want to snag all of these.

I’ve sorted them by category, for easy reference!

There are free speech therapy resources for Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Speech Therapy Assessment, Play Based Resources for Distance Learning, Books for Speech Therapy, Boom Cards and more!

Free Professional Development for Speech Therapists:

  • Play Based Speech therapy Webinar: Grad Student, New Grad, or Seasoned SLP, this webinar has something for you! From learning the benefits of Play Based Therapy to learning how to see anything as a therapy tool, you'll leave with a solid understanding of how Play Based Therapy can benefit you and your students! You will also receive a Certificate of Completion for 1.0 Professional Development Hours.

Free Apraxia of Speech Resources for Speech Therapy:

  • Apraxia Speech Therapy Home Practice Plan: Use this Calendar to help plan your home programming for your students with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. It includes checklists to make it easy for speech therapy homework carryover!

  • Prosody Calendar: Prosody is so important to work on with a child with apraxia of speech! This calendar is filled with treatment ideas that you can share with parents, staff, or use yourself!

  • DTTC Cueing Hierarchy: Childhood Apraxia of Speech Prognosis is much better when an evidence based practice is being used! Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing is an evidence based approach for the treatment of Apraxia of Speech. This simple visual breaks down the cues you can use to support your students with Apraxia of Speech!

  • Apraxia Drill Cards for Speech Therapy CVC Boom Cards: One common apraxia of speech goal is the increase in the types of words shapes a child uses. This free apraxia of speech therapy activity focuses on CVC words and is no prep!

  • Apraxia Interactive Scenes: BOOM Cards: A combination of play and drill is used in this speech therapy activity for Apraxia of Speech. These interactive speech therapy scenes focus on commonly targeted words that are meaningful and functional. After playing with the scenes for speech therapy, you can use the included play based therapy ideas to practice the target word in natural play activities! These picture scenes will be a hit in your speech therapy room!

Play-Based Therapy Resources for Distance Learning:

  • Find, Feed, and Move - H: This fun articulation game can be used with your preschoolers as a teletherapy activity idea or in person. This speech therapy game is also great to send as speech therapy homework. Your students will love these sound loaded picture scenes and you will love using play based therapy over the screen to target articulation words and articulation sentences!

  • Repetitive and Interactive BOOM Story: Is that your Poo?: Use this repetitive and interactive story for speech therapy with your students with Apraxia of Speech and your late talkers. The repetitive text of this story will help you get lots of practice trials! Add this freebie to your therapy books!

  • Play-Based Articulation Sound Loaded Game: K: Each of these articulation games for speech therapy is sound loaded and lends itself to multiple opportunities for practice in a fun and meaningful way.

  • Play-Based BOOM Card: Hairdresser: This play based boom card for speech therapy is perfect for targeting grammar, articulation, following directions, and so much more!

Free Play-Based Therapy Resources for In-Person Sessions:

  • Themed Sensory Bins for Speech Therapy: Cupcake and Donut Includes sensory bin ideas and how to use them in your speech therapy sessions! Use these sensory bins with your preschoolers, toddlers, and kindergarten students to target receptive language, expressive language, and more!

  • Repetitive and Interactive Story: Is that Your Poo?: This speech therapy book is the hard copy of the BOOM Card!

  • Thematic Word List: Pets: Use this articulation word list for speech therapy to target your articulation goals in games, books, and songs wth any pet themed activity! You can use this list during your articulation activities for preschoolers and older students.

Free Articulation Worksheets for Speech Therapy

  • One Page Articulation Worksheet Activity - K: This K Articulation worksheet is a perfect articulation activity for elementary students. It’s great for the first week back to school, to send for speech therapy homework, to use as a group therapy speech therapy activity, or in individual articulation speech therapy sessions.

  • One Page Articulation Sheet - S: Use this no prep Articulation Activity with your students who are working on their s sound in speech therapy! Includes a fully customizable option!

  • S-Blend Smash Mat and Sound Loaded Scene: Use this print and go worksheet to target s blends with your students. Includes a smash mat and free picture scene for speech therapy. An easy and fun no-pre speech therapy resource!

Themed Worksheets for Speech Therapy

  • This Spring Themed Vocabulary sheet is perfect to teach nouns, adjectives, and verbs and includes a variety of hands on activities! Pair with your favourite mini erasers, dry erase makers, play dough, bingo chips for an engaging speech therapy activity!

Free Boom Cards for Speech Therapy

  • Thematic WH-Questions Winter: What Questions: These wh qu estions for kids are perfect for themed speech therapy. This What Question Task Cards are no-prep and easy to pull out during teletherapy!

  • The Ultimate Build-It Activity for Speech Therapy: Sample: This monster, fish bowl, and ice cream build it activities for speech therapy are perfect for your preschoolers. They are able to create their own character. Includes sentence strips for speech therapy so you can target describing, sentence expansion and more!

Free Assessment Resources for Speech Therapy

This Play Based Assessment Form is a great speech therapy assessment tool.

Simply print and use during classroom observations, play observation or use during a parent interview to assess play skills in your student.

This speech therapy form is suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten students, and early elementary students. You can grab it (and other freebies) by signing up for my email list!


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