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Top 100 Sensory Bin Filler Ideas for Speech Therapy

Do you need sensory bin ideas?

In can be hard think of accessible and affordable fillers for sensory bins. I have compiled my top list of fillers you can use for your sensory bins in your speech therapy sessions.

You can also purchase any seasonal fillers you find throughout the year - honestly, you can never stop looking for them! You can find sensory bin ideas everywhere!

I have written some of my favourites sensory bin additions for each of the 38 themes included in my Themed Sensory Bins for Speech Therapy. These sensory bins are perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten speech and language therapy sessions. You can use them in a sensory bin table or in a small container - the possibilities are endless!

  • Autumn Sensory Bin Fillers: Fake Leaves, Sticks, Plastic Pumpkins, Cinnamon Sticks

  • Winter Sensory Bin Fillers: Plastic Snowflakes, Snow, Blue and White Pom Poms, Sparkly Confetti, Styrofoam Balls, Fake Snow, White Sand

  • Spring Sensory Bin Fillers: Plastic Bugs, Plastic Flowers, Plastic Bunnies, Blue Water Beads

  • Summer Sensory Bin Fillers: Plastic Suns, Blue Water Beads, Sand

  • Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin Fillers: Felt hearts, Candy Hearts, Artificial Rose Petals

  • St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin Fillers: Plastic Rainbows, Gold Coins

  • Easter Sensory Bin Fillers: Plastic Grass, Mini Eggs, Plastic Flowers

  • Halloween: Sensory Bin Fillers Toy Candy, Plastic Spiders, Plastic Pumpkins, Bats, Ghosts

  • Christmas Sensory Bin Fillers: Tinsel, Mini Ornaments, Bells, Wrapped Peppermints

  • Hannukah Sensory Bin Fillers: Mini Presents, Gold Coins, Donut Erasers,

  • Superheros Sensory Bin Fillers: Superhero Figurines, Plastic Stars, Red/Blue/Yellow Pom Poms and Curled Ribbon

  • Transportation Sensory Bin Fillers: Mini Cars or Trucks

  • Pirates Sensory Bin Fillers: Gold Coins, Sand

  • Pumpkins Sensory Bin Fillers: Plastic Pumpkins, Fake Leaves, Corn

  • Space Sensory Bin Fillers: Black Beans, Black Pom Poms, Plastic Stars, Tin Foil Balls

  • Beach Sensory Bin Fillers: Shells, Drink Umbrellas, Sparkly Gems, Kinetic Sand, Blue Fish Gravel

  • Mermaids Sensory Bin Fillers: Sparkly Gem Beads, Shells, Plastic Starfish, White rocks

  • Snowmen Sensory Bin Fillers: Plastic Snowflakes, Mini Trees, Pinecones, Styrofoam Balls

  • Gingerbread Sensory Bin Fillers: Wrapped Peppermints, Mini Cookie Cutters,

  • Household Sensory Bin Fillers: Mini Doll House items, Mini People, Laundry Pins,

  • Camping Sensory Bin Fillers: Plastic Trees, Sticks, Rocks, Tissue Paper for Fire, Pinecones

  • Ice Cream Sensory Bin Fillers: Plastic Spoons and Mini Bowls, Colorful Pom Poms, Sprinkles

Bugs Sensory Bin Fillers: Plastic Bugs, Mini Net, Magnifying Glass, Rocks, Brown Sand

  • Weather Sensory Bin Fillers: Plastic Snowflakes, Rainbow Erasers, Sun Erasers

  • Food Sensory Bin Fillers: Shopkins, Mini Shopping Cart

  • Forest Sensory Bin Fillers: Plastic Trees, Sticks, Grass, Leaves, Brown and Green Pom Poms, Moss Balls

  • Ocean Sensory Bin Fillers: Plastic Fish, Fish Tank Accessories, Blue Water Beads

  • Zoo Sensory Bin Fillers: Feathers, Mini Zoo Animals, Grass

  • Pets Sensory Bin Fillers: Sticks, Plastic Bones, Plastic Animals

  • Arctic Sensory Bin Fillers: Reusable Plastic Ice Cubes, Cotton Balls, Plastic Snowflakes, White Pom Poms, Fake Snow

  • Farm Sensory Bin Fillers: Plastic Farm Animals, Oats, Corn, Beans

  • School Sensory Bin Fillers: Any Small School Supply (paper clips, erasers, etc.)

  • Birthday Sensory Bin Fillers: Mini Presents, Party Favours, Sprinkles, Birthday Confetti, Candles

  • Dinosaurs Sensory Bin Fillers: Plastic Trees, Plastic Mini Dinosaurs

  • Sports Sensory Bin Fillers Ball Erasers, Playmobil Sports Toys

  • Unicorns Sensory Bin Fillers: Rainbow Erasers, Anything with sparkles :)

  • Princesses Sensory Bin Fillers: Shiny Gems

You can add pom poms, straws, feathers, bingo chips, plastic ice cubs, pipe cleaners, beans, and beads to any of the themes listed.

Need some themed manipulatives to go with your Sensory Bins? Make sure to check out my Themed Sensory Bins for a year round sensory bin resource (over 35 themes are included) and Themed Sensory Bins 2.0 (which includes a NEW set of 40 themes!)I love having these bins prepped and ready to grab whenever I need them!

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