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Valentine's Day Activities for Speech Therapy

Are you on the lookout for fun and easy speech therapy activities for Valentine's Day?

These fun and easy games, songs, and resources will have your preschool and kindergarten students engaged in learning during your speech and language therapy sessions. Use these free speech therapy activity ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day to target speech sounds, receptive language, wh-questions, expressive language and more!

  • Youtube has a tonne of fun and engaging Valentine's Day songs for preschool and early elementary students! Songs are a great way to incorporate movement and fun into your speech therapy session. Some of my favorite songs are If you Love me and You Know it (great for verbs) and 5 Big Valentines (great repetitive lyrics). Check out my No Prep Song Companions! Includes loads of song companions to use year round, not just at Valentine's Day!

  • Make Valentine's Day Cards: This is such a fun and easy craft. You can make it as open ended or structured as you wish. Grab some glue, tape, stickers, construction paper, and glitter (if you're brave), and get crafting!

  • Valentine's Day Party: Have a party with stuffs and dolls. You can mail your Valentine's to your friends. This its great for pronouns, possessive 's, turn taking, verb tenses, and social skills.

  • Valentine's Day Sensory Bin: I have a Sensory Bin for every season and holiday and they're all included in my Sensory Bins for Speech Therapy Product! I love to use heart erasers, shredded pink paper, artificial rose petals, and plastic gems in my Valentine's Sensory Bin.

  • Valentine's Day Interactive Story: This story is available as a BOOM Card and as a Printable PDF. Each page of the story includes picture options to complete the scene. Not only does this provide opportunities to target a variety of goals, it also allows you to re-use the book with the same student because each time you read it, it’s a different story!

  • Valentine's Day WH-Questions: Each of the 40 questions are VALENTINE'S DAY RELATED and provide 3 visual options for students. This is a great way to build independence in little learners!

Last but not last, this no-prep Valentine Unit has loads of visuals, crafts, games, and structured activities for grammar, wh- questions , phonological processing and more! You will be able to use these speech therapy activities with your entire caseload. Best part? Just print and go!! Over 70 pages of activities and ideas!

I hope this list keeps your preschool and kindergarten students engaged all winter long!

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