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10 Ways to Move in Preschool Speech Therapy Sessions

Preschoolers aren’t made to sit still during Speech Therapy (or ever, for that matter!). That’s a fact.

It is not developmentally appropriate for a preschool or kindergarten student to sit for an hour. Set your students (and yourself!) up for success by incorporating movement into your speech therapy sessions!

Moving during speech therapy sessions doesn’t have to be difficult, fancy, or complicated. You can move as a break, but I prefer to incorporate movement as a therapy activity (but, remember, you can do whatever works for YOU and your students).

Goals you can target within movement activities are:

  • Verbs and verb tenses

  • Vocabulary

  • Pronouns

  • Spatial concepts

  • Concepts (fast/slow, high/low)

Here are some quick and easy ways that you can get your kids moving in your speech and language therapy sessions.

1) Use books that incorporate movement. This is the easiest way to get little ones moving! Some of my favorites are:

I also have a list of Top 20 Movement Books in this Post.

2) Use pictures of animals. Place them in a bag, hide them around the room, or knock them over with a ball popper. However you present them, your students will love moving like the animal they see! You can print some animal images from Google or grab these in my TPT store!

3) Hide things around the room. This is the EASIEST activity ever. Simply hide toys, puzzle pieces, cards around the room. For an extra element of fun, pair the activity with binoculars, a flashlight, or a pointer.

4) Obstacle Course: Use the items you have in the room to create a simple obstacle course. (If you have access to trampolines, tunnels, or hula hoops - you can use those, too!). The student can even help you set up the course, for more opportunities for language!

5) Go for a walk. This sounds so simple - and it is! If you are able to, head outside (or walk around the school). Remember - language is everywhere!