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Huge List of Free Handouts for Speech Therapy

As Speech Language Pathologists, we are always on the hunt for a good Speech Therapy handout - and bonus if it’s free.

This massive list of free speech therapy handouts will help you find amazing handouts to share with parents, speech therapy assessment, and therapy planning. These free speech therapy printables cover a variety of topics, including developmental norms, speech therapy activity ideas, apraxia of speech, homework planning, play observation, and language processing.

This Apraxia Homework Planner is perfect for keeping parents in the loop! Use this easy to use checklist to note which cues are beneficial, which word shapes they are working on, which carrier phrases to target, and what their child's target words are.

Cues for Apraxia of Speech: Use this Speech Therapy Handout for Apraxia of Speech as a quick reference when using DTTC, Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing, with your students. Includes a hierarchy of cues that can be used with your toddlers, preschoolers, and school aged children during speech therapy! The cues are sorted by level of support, so you can appropriately support your students in saying accurate productions. **For more about DTTC, please visit**.

Apraxia of Speech Homework Plan: This free homework planning sheet for Speech Therapy was designed with the busy SLP in mind! Use this easy to use checklist to keep parents of children with Apraxia of Speech informed of which targets they are working on, the type of cue their child benefits from, and so much more!

Speech and Language Therapy Strategies and Accomodations for the Classroom: This easy to use checklist is perfect to supplement any speech therapy consultation visit or to help you with writing your IEPs. Includes a variety of speech therapy strategies for expressive language, receptive language, articulation, phonology, early language, behaviour, and visual supports.

Word Shape Hierarchy: Use this visual representation of Word Shape difficulty with parents or teachers - or use for yourself! Children with Apraxia of Speech have difficulty combing a variety of sounds in a variety of ways - especially when the word is complex. This simple speech therapy handout for Apraxia of Speech will help you choose your goals for Apraxia of Speech!

Prosody Calendar for Apraxia of Speech: Children with Apraxia of Speech often have prosodic differences. It is important for children with Apraxia of Speech to practice speaking using different rates, volumes, and pitches from a young age!

Send this print and go handout home with your students with Childhood Apraxia of Speech, or use as a guide in your own therapy. Have fun practicing using different rates, volumes, and pitches with your students.

Speech Therapy on a Walk: Use this free handout for Speech Therapy for carryover of a variety of speech and language skills.! With this free parent handout, teachers and Speech Therapists can provide parents with easy to implement strategies and activities to use during a walk.

What Question Handout for Speech Therapy: This handout is full of practical and easy to implement activities with everyday items, as well as effective strategies for teaching answering what questions. This one-page handout provides enough information for parents (or you!) to implement therapy for up to one month! That means less prep for YOU! This WH-Question Handout includes:

  • age of typical acquisition

  • example of correct and incorrect answer types

  • Fun activity ideas for speech therapy

  • detailed cueing hierarchy, with examples

  • a list of WH- questions to practice

Past Tense Verbs Handout for Speech Therapy: Share this grammar handout with parents, teachers, and school staff. This Handout includes:

  • Parent friendly explanation of when the past tense -ed morpheme is used.

  • Typical age of acquisition.

  • Example of correct and incorrect use.

  • Cueing hierarchy, with examples.

  • Classroom Strategies.

  • Activity Ideas and/or Book Suggestions

Categorization Handout for Speech Therapy: Give this Language Processing: Categorization handout to parents, teachers, and school staff. This print and go handout includes everything you need to teach this speech and language skill! This handout features:

  • Explanation of the Goal

  • Example of correct and incorrect use.

  • Cueing hierarchy, with examples.

  • Low-prep Activity Ideas

The following handouts for speech therapy are available by signing up for my email list (sign up at the bottom of the page)!

By signing up, you will get immediate access to all of these speech and language handouts.

6 Stages of Social Play Development: This handout will help you understand how play develops in childhood. Each of the six stages of social play development is explained and development norms are provided.

Ideas for Play Materials: Wondering how to get kids engaged in therapy? Make sure you are using toys and activities that are appropriate for their level of play. This quick and easy reference sheet includes materials ideas for different levels of play, including pretend play, parallel play, sensorimotor play, dramatic play, and constructive play.

Play Observation Form: This easy to use checklist will help with your play based assessments. Give to parents to complete or complete yourself. Gain an understanding of the child's interests, levels of play, and attention span.

Favorite Resources for themed therapy: Interested in starting to use themes in your speech therapy sessions? Use this list of books, board games, toys, crafts and gross motor activities to help you plan your speech therapy sessions. Includes ideas for pets, farm, zoo, food, monster, and baking.

Why we Play in Speech Therapy: This handout provides Evidence Based Reasons of why Speech Therapy involves a lot of play! Share this with teachers, parents, or school staff to explain the importance of play in speech and language development.

5 Characteristics of Playful Learning: Have you ever wondered what characteristics of play help a child learn? This handout tells you exactly which five features of play help kids learn and explains them in detail.

I hope you found this of free handouts for

preschool speech therapy list helpful!


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